Arandjelovac Trending, Belgrade Lagging Behind – 2023 Retrospective, Investments in TRADE CENTERS

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The interest of the investors in the construction of retail parks in Serbia is not waning – a range of shopping centers opened last year, and the construction of new ones has been announced.

Among the most read news on our portal in the field of trade centers are those about the opening of facilities in Pazova, Kragujevac, Surcin, Bor, Vrbas and the announced construction of retail parks in Velika Plana and Arandjelovac, which will get as many as two shopping places.

Belgrade is lagging behind on this list, with only two representatives in the second half, the outdoor shopping center in Miljakovac (popularly known as the new “flea market”) and the new Chinese shopping center in New Belgrade.

We bring you the list of the investments in trade centers which drew the most interest from our readers.

1. BIG Shopping Centers Pazova and Kragujevac

In March, BIG CEE opened its tenth shopping center in Serbia – BIG Pazova. BIG Pazova is located only 3 kilometers from highway E75, in-between cities of Stara Pazova and Nova Pazova. First phase of center has GLA of 15,700 square meters, on the plot area of 57,000 square meters.

In October, the company opened the facility in Kragujevac, on an area of over 7,000 square meters. In the first week of its operations, the newly opened BIG shopping center welcomed over a hundred thousand visitors.
(Photo: BIG CEE)

2. Arandjelovac Retail Park

The company Pestan announce the opening of its new retail park – Arandjelovac Retail Park – for 2025. Positioned at the main entrance to Arandjelovac on the east side and only 2 km from the city center, Arandjelovac Retail Park will spread on 10,000 m2 and encompass over 15 retail outlets.

As announced, the opening of the new retail park will also secure 200 new jobs.

As the exclusive representative for the leasing of retail units within the Arandjelovac Retail Park, the Southeast Europe office of the renowned international consultancy CBRE has been named.
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3. VS Retail Park Vrbas

VS RETAIL 2022 officially opened the first phase of Vrbas Retail Park on April 7, 2023. Pepco and Sinsey opened their stores in Vrbas for the first time, whereas Maxi opened its 507th store in Serbia.

The second part of the first phase of the retail park has been completed as well, whereas the second phase is in preparation, and the realization is expected during 2024, whereby Vrbas Retail Park would have a lease area of over 10,000 m2.

4. Retail Park Donic Velika Plana

Velika Plana is to get a retail park in the city center – the company for domestic and foreign trade Donic doo from Velika Plana plans construction of 6,000 m2 in the core town zone.

On a land complex of 11,280 m2, the investor intends to build a modern retail park with four facilities, each of which will have several outlets, and a parking lot on the ground level, the urban project says.

5. Niksen Shopping Center Arandjelovac

Niksen Real Estate from Belgrade is planning to build a shopping center with a restaurant, a patisserie and a car-wash in Arandjelovac. On over 10,000 m2, there will be 14 sales locations-outlets of various areas, with warehouse spaces and toilets, as well as a space for the holding of events, the urban project says.
(Photo: Printscreen/Urbanistički projekat/Projektni biro Plan)

6. Outdoor Shopping Center Miljakovac Belgrade

Toward the end of the year, a new shopping center opened in Miljakovac – the “Belgrade Flea Market”, in Vareska Street. On 12,000 m2, there are 230 counters, 60 outlets and 130 parking spaces. The part of the green market flat area with the boxes – counters, with an area of around 4,000 m2, is canopied.

While visiting the location in March, the city manager, Miroslav Cuckovic, pointed out that the new outdoor shopping center location was ideal and that the city of Belgrade, in line with the strategy of public transport, would boost the public transit lines, so that all citizens would have the option of reaching the new flea market quickly and easily.

7. Mega Home Center Network

The new retail chain, Mega Home Center, opened its biggest store in Zemun in November last year. This is the company which is opening the city “Cash & Carry” facilities, and it currently has stores in Mirijevo and Vozdovac.

The new store is located at 56 Dobanovacka Street in Zemun. It spreads on 1,000 m2, has its own parking lot and an offer of over 15,000 articles.

In addition to the opening of big-format stores, Mega has commenced the biggest investment project of the opening of retail facilities in Serbia, called Megica – Mega Marketic, worth EUR 40 million.

8. Retail Park Surcin

Surcin got a new retail park last year, whose investor is Nid Projekt doo. On an area of 2,715 m2, the shopping center gathers 9 well-known brands.

The retail park Surcin is located in the central part of Surcin, along the Lidl supermarket and in close proximity to the building of the Municipality of Surcin, the health center and the church.

The construction of a large apartment settlement is planned soon in the nearby area.

As the president of the municipality of Surcin, Stevan Susa, pointed out during the opening, the construction of the shopping center is just the first step in the construction of a new center of Surcin, which, in addition to this complex, will also feature new buildings for the municipal authorities, the police, the land register service and the post office.

9. Retail Park Bor

Bor Properties opened a retail park in Bor in the location of the former sales salon of the automotive company Zastava from Kragujevac in Bor.

The owner of 50% of Bor Properties is Nebojsa Radovic, whereas the remaining 50%, according to the data of the Serbian Business Registers Agency, belongs to the famous football player who spent his career in Lazio, Manchester City, Roma and Inter, Aleksandar Kolarov, who cut the ribbon at the opening ceremony in September, when the first store opened in the new shopping center.

10. New Chinese Shopping Center in New Belgrade

The works on the new Chinese Shopping Center in New Belgrade are going as planned, and the opening is expected in May 2024, said the director of the company Eurasia Trade Center, Zou Junwei, while visiting the construction site in November last year.

(Photo: I.S./eKapija)
In the two large facilities of the new business space, a total of 475 outlets will be offered to the tenants.

According to Zou Junwei, increasingly more tenants from the old Chinese Center in Block 70, which burned down, are interested in moving to the new space.

We presented the 10 investments which drew the most attention from our readers when it comes to shopping centers. Make sure to take a look at the complete list HERE.

We also invite you to see which investments marked the year 2023 in the fields of TRANSPORTATION, INDUSTRY, PUBLIC UTILITY INFRASTRUCTURE AND ENERGY, REAL ESTATE and TOURISM, ENTERTAINMENT AND RECREATION.

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