Nebojsa Ristin, director of Zühlke Serbia - Monitoring business and technological trends is key to long-term success

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Business environments change rapidly, so it is necessary to turn to innovations based on modern technologies. The speed of technological changes requires constant improvement and adaptability, and thanks to the development of digital solutions, business processes are being transformed.

The Zühlke company, whose slogan is "empowering ideas", contributes to this. Founded in 1968 in Switzerland, it has spread its idea all over the world, and has had a representative office in our country for ten years now.

We talked about this, but also about sustainability, the potential of our country when it comes to the IT sector, as well as the vision of the future, with Nebojsa Ristin, director of Zühlke Serbia.

The company Zühlke is a partner for innovation projects, which it implements by developing services and products based on new technologies. How does it look in practice, who are your services intended for?

- Our focus is on innovation and the development of digital solutions that transform business processes. The services that Zühlke provides are specially adapted to each of the industries in which our clients work - from finance, through industrial products and telecommunications, to medicine.

For example, in the financial services sector, we are often part of the digital transformation process of companies. A good example of the application of modern technologies is the improvement of internal processes or customer support through the use of artificial intelligence, for which there is an extraordinary interest. So far, through group discussions, we have talked with more than 200 representatives of different companies about their possible applications. We are currently working on more than 10 AI-based projects, especially in the banking and insurance sectors.

How difficult is it to follow trends in the field of digital transformation?

- Following business and technological trends is crucial for the long-term success of our clients.

Business environments are changing rapidly, and market advantage is increasingly difficult to achieve through traditional inward-looking innovation approaches dictated by legacy systems and technologies. Today`s innovations must overcome internal limitations and be based on modern technologies and increasingly available data. Solutions often require mutual cooperation between companies and partnerships with large technology firms, such as Microsoft. Creating an ecosystem of companies, such as the modern financial services ecosystem in the UK that Zühlke helped to form recently, is the next step in that connection.

The speed of technological changes requires constant improvement and adaptability, especially since we develop solutions that meet current requirements, but also anticipate future needs. Cloud systems, smart devices, augmented reality or blockchain technologies open up new opportunities for business success.

Zühlke has had its representative office in Serbia since 2013. A decade later, your team here consists of almost 200 people. How does the Zühlke Group see its position in our country?

- The experience that we bring from the most developed economies and financial markets of the world is interesting to the local financial sector. It enables companies to make a competitive difference on the local market and in the region, but also to keep up with the competition coming from outside. We are increasingly developing contacts with banks and insurance companies in Serbia, and we see great potential for cooperation there. Interest in the topics we deal with is also confirmed at the events we organize, such as the recent panel on the impact of modern technologies on the future of financial services.

When it comes to the development of technology, what are the potentials of Belgrade, but also of the whole of Serbia? Where do you see obstacles?

- Serbia has obvious potential in the IT sector, with educated and innovative experts. Belgrade has not been the only center of this industry for a long time, and for this very reason part of our employees work in offices in Novi Sad, Nis and Novi Pazar.

We see the further development of the educational system and the adaptation of the business environment as important steps that can help realize the full potential of our country in this area. We make our contribution by organizing various events with the aim of sharing knowledge, as well as by cooperating directly with faculties, where our employees hold courses dedicated to modern technologies and their application.

Today, in all business sectors, emphasis is placed on sustainability and environmental protection. Debates often underline the idea that future progress requires digital solutions that have a positive impact on people and the planet. From your experience, how developed is the awareness of this topic and what is the role of technology in this regard?

- Awareness of these issues is growing globally, and Zühlke believes that technology plays a key role in achieving sustainable goals. That`s why sustainability and environmental protection are an integral part of our business philosophy. Our commitment to sustainability is reflected not only in our business practices, but also in how we support clients in reducing emissions, implementing environmentally responsible practices and innovating to benefit society. The fact that we work with a large number of clients on three continents puts us in a position to significantly contribute to the creation of a sustainable future with our approach and experience.

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How and where do you see Zühlke tomorrow? What are your plans for further growth and development considering the current business environment and global trends?

- On the Serbian market, we continue to expand, providing innovative solutions for our clients in the financial sector, and developing partnerships with companies present in the country and the region. The strong growth of the data and artificial intelligence (Data&AI) department has been part of our strategy since 2019, and developments in this area are confirmation that we are moving in the right direction.

Globally, we focus on strengthening our presence in the area of innovation and digital transformation, expanding our capabilities and adapting to the constant changes in the business and technology landscape. With the expectation of a more stable economic period in 2024, we continue to cultivate long-term relationships with clients, with the aim of understanding them as well as possible and helping them achieve success.

Our slogan says that Zühlke gives power to ideas, and we are determined to continue being the initiator of those ideas, to make them more ambitious and innovative, and at the same time socially responsible and successfully implemented as before.
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