How has Satwork been contributing to the optimization and automation of work processes in various areas of industry for 18 years?

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The company Satwork from Banjaluka, which this year marks 18 years of successful business, is a regional provider of tracking services and vehicle fleet management. Through its SatIRS™ platform, Satwork integrates software and analytical algorithms, providing a comprehensive tool that enables companies to optimize the performance of their fleets.

The solutions of this company find their application on both small and large vehicle fleets in various areas of industry and economy, they contribute to the optimization and automation of work processes in various areas of industry, and to greater productivity and profitability of work.

- From the earliest beginnings in 2005, we have offered our clients digital business transformation in the cheapest and simplest way through the platform service by simply using our services and solutions - the company says.

Satwork, with its SatIRS™ system/platform, carries out a digital transformation of the business of each of its clients by digitizing business processes in the domain of logistics and vehicle fleet management and managing those processes using digital tools through the platform.

Digitization does not necessarily mean high costs

The very term digitization is very often associated with investments in expensive equipment, expensive software, expensive human resources, which is certainly not necessary, or rather the opposite is usually the case.

As early as 18 years ago, Satwork provided its clients with a platform service and system access, without almost any investment in expensive ICT equipment. It is not necessary to invest in servers, network devices with associated system and other software that needs to be maintained and also to constantly invest in its development, it is not necessary to invest in even more expensive ICT staff, because everything is provided, maintained and marketed by Satwork.

For digitization in the field of transport and logistics, the end user invests initially in GNSS devices, which are already available on the market, possibly in some additional devices, sensors and with decent internet access, with the help of his credentials, he logs on to the SatIRS™ platform and uses the service.

Purpose-built solutions

- We have the ability to meet the specific requests of clients, considering that we are the creators of the SatIRS™ system, which is the base on which all the services we offer were developed, all of which are aimed at the digitization of business processes - say the Satwork company.

Dedicated solutions for specific needs have also been created, such as SatPOST™ a system for tracking postmen and organizing work in the field for Pošte Srpske ad Banja Luka, which is also applicable to all other companies. that deal with postal traffic.

- The feedback we received from the client is encouraging in terms of cost reduction, better organization of work in the field, better utilization of human resources in the field and, what is crucial, maximum control of the execution of work tasks in the field - they point out and add:

- The impact of developing IoT initiatives, with the expansion of 5G networks, will create many smart solutions. We have already presented various services from a set of so-called "Smart City" solutions, such as e.g. SatBUS for smart public transport, SatGARBAGE (working title) for the organization of waste collection and management.

On the basis of our SatIRS platform, in addition to services for the organization and management of vehicle fleets, we also provide more sophisticated services for the organization in new areas of work, such as emergency services, fire services, waterworks, electricity distribution and all other possible services that require work on on the ground, which should be as efficient as possible, and be implemented with smaller investments.

Pioneers in the digital transformation field

The company Satwork says that from its earliest beginnings, it has provided clients with not only the concept of SaaS (Software as a Service), but also PaaS (Platform as a service), although at that time the term "satellite tracking" was very difficult to communicate with end users, and digital concepts were out of the question.

- We are proud that we can be classified as pioneers when it comes to digital transformation, not only in business and business processes, but also in the consciousness of our customers, because we invested enormous effort and energy at the beginning of our business in educating clients and the market.

Practically, while developing our company, we also developed the market for our services in parallel and worked diligently and dedicatedly to educate our clients, both current and potential. As a company, we have made a really big contribution in the field of digital transformation of business processes if you take into account the fact that our clients are mainly transport companies and companies whose vehicle fleets range from a few vehicles to several hundred vehicles. We have carried out the digital transformation of processes for thousands of companies so far, both private, public and state-owned enterprises from various areas of industry and economy.

We are witnessing a true transformation of the needs and habits of employees, who are directly involved in the processes as a result of digitalization. We have also witnessed the positive impact that digitalization of processes has on the growth and development of business and the companies themselves, because we have clients who have been loyal to us for more than 15 years and who, using our solutions and services, managed to improve business processes, to make maximum use of the available digital tools in the right way and to multiply their companies.

We are focused on understanding the needs of clients and creating adequate solutions, and we always strive to make the offered solutions easy to use and adapted to the specifics of each individual client, and we also try to provide added value by following and applying modern technological achievements - Satwork company emphasizes.

In every segment of life and work, there will be an acceleration of the business process

As they state, companies are mostly in constant search for modern digital solutions that will enable them to save and reduce costs, and so Satwork is focused on developing and offering new systems and upgrading existing ones.

There is a wide range of services that rely on the so-called satellite monitoring, which have found application in various spheres of business through improvements in the quality of resource management,and in everyday life, in the quality of life of wider social communities through the application of "smart" technologies, e.g. in public transport.

- It is a fact that companies from the field of ICT occasionally encounter "problems" that they are one step ahead of the stated needs on the market. Basically, what is popularly called Industry 4.0 today will contribute to an unimaginable acceleration and improvement of everyday, especially administrative tasks, which will have a positive effect on the quality of life of ordinary people. In every segment of life and work, there will be an acceleration of the business process, and in that transformation we expect that our business will also play an important role - concludes the Satwork company.
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