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What are the features that set the block apart, making it ideal for facade assembly? An ideal block should meet the highest standards of stability, durability, thermal and sound insulation, as well as successfully respond to the requirements of modern and sustainable construction.

Facade, i.e. exterior walls, represent the largest area of the building and the very basis of the construction. The exterior wall is the only constant element on any building. It is one of the few construction positions that cannot be subsequently replaced, but only further improved.

A high-quality and energy-efficient exterior wall will determine the durability and stability of the building in the long run, as well as the quality of housing and the market value of the property. Almost all elements are changeable during the renovation, adaptation or repurposing of the building, the only thing that cannot be changed are the facade walls, so make the ideal choice.

Facade wall with complete thermal insulation

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The exceptional thermal insulation properties of the Ytong Termo block enable the construction of a facade wall in just one layer. Using thermal blocks 30, 33 and 37.5, the required thermal protection (Umax ≤ 0.30 W/m²K) is achieved without additional thermal insulation. Designed to meet the highest standards of energy efficiency, Ytong thermal blocks are recognized as an ideal solution for the construction of monolithic external walls.

Facade wall with improved soundproofing

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Construction of a building in urban areas requires that the building is additionally soundproofed and provides adequate protection against ambient noise. Silka and Fono blocks are an innovative solution that ensures the necessary sound insulation. With additional thermal insulation in the form of Multipor panels, this facade assembly provides ideal thermal and acoustic comfort.

Façade wall with the highest energy saving

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Ytong facade blocks, Classic 20 and Classic 25 cm are solutions that are used for the construction of external load-bearing or infill walls. In combination with additional thermal coverings, such as Multipor thermal insulation panels (10 cm), this facade assembly provides 22-36% greater thermal protection, thus greater energy savings.

Strong brands for ideal construction

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Permanent, modern and energy-efficient Xella building and insulation materials offer a unique system solution for all the challenges of modern, ecological and sustainable construction. Recognizable Xella brands, Ytong, Silka and Multipor, produced on the basis of natural mineral raw materials, non-combustible, solid and durable, represent construction materials that are ideal for building all types of facade walls.

Ytong - Both construction and thermal insulation

Economical, light and designed for quick construction, Ytong is a building material with thermal insulation properties, suitable for the construction of energy-efficient residential, commercial and industrial buildings. With exceptional massiveness, durability and resistance to pressure, Ytong blocks will ensure high stability and optimal thermal insulation of every building. The natural composition and the German recipe by which Ytong materials are produced in Serbia are a guarantee of the quality and top performance that characterizes this building material.

Silka - The ideal solution against noise

Calcium silicate blocks represent a traditional building material produced from natural raw materials, whose main asset is sound insulation. Facade walls, which are also the largest surface of the building, significantly affect the overall sound comfort of the building. Thanks to their high volume density, Silka blocks have a high ability to retain sound. By combining Silka blocks with a large mass and additional thermal insulation, optimal sound insulation of the facade wall can be ensured. The material`s high density and pressure resistance contribute to the fact that even the thinnest walls made of Silka blocks provide exceptional sound insulation.

Multipor - CO2-free green construction

Multipor mineral thermal insulation panels are intended for thermal insulation of buildings and represent the first CO2-free Xella brand. Non-flammability (A1 class), lightness of the material and possibility of application for external and internal insulation make it a unique solution on the market. Multipor panels are strong and wear-resistant, which makes them ideal for thermal protection on facade and interior walls. They reduce energy consumption and bring permanent savings for heating and cooling, while ensuring a pleasant indoor climate.

Plan your projects with the Xella expert team!

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The construction of different types of buildings, such as residential buildings, commercial buildings or industrial plants, requires thorough planning. Every detail can make a significant difference in construction costs and timelines.

The Xella construction system fully complies with all current legal regulations and brings a unique solution for the construction of ecological and sustainable buildings, with excellent thermal and sound characteristics.

The Xella expert team is at the disposal of investors for all questions, from the selection of construction materials and solutions, to the optimization of execution time and construction costs.

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