Interior design in the era of artificial intelligence - the role of VR and AI in creating inspirational spaces

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(Photo: Architaur)
With the development of technology and the arrival of artificial intelligence on the market, not only did the possibility arise that many routine processes would be automated, and therefore the positions of a large number of workers would be abolished, but the ground under the feet of creatives also became shaky. There are also concerns among many artists who feel that AI image generators could hurt their employment prospects.

Guided by the motto "If you can`t beat them, join them" Architaur decided to use all the advantages of new technologies and apply them to the mutual benefit of clients and designers. And here is how:

VR for better communication

One of the most exciting and game-changing technologies in architecture is Virtual Reality (VR). VR technology allows clients to see and experience the future interior in a way that has not been possible before.

1. Visualization without limits

Many people find it difficult to imagine a different appearance of the space in which they live. The combination of VR headset and visualization software gives clients the experience of actually stepping into the space and moving around it - from wall to wall, from armchair to shelf, from desk to kitchen. Architaur allows clients to clearly see how the space will look, to view all its features through a three-dimensional view and experience the incredible experience of staying in the proposed conceptual solution, before any changes are implemented.

(Photo: Architaur)
2. Elimination of misunderstandings

Sometimes there are misunderstandings between designers and clients because it is difficult for clients to imagine the ideas that designers present to them. This can result in rejecting a good solution, or, accepting something that they don`t like later, after implementation. With VR technology, a clear vision of the conceptual solution is provided, eliminating the possibility of misunderstandings.

3. Faster decision-making

VR technology accelerates the decision making process in interior design. After just one walk through the virtual space, the client will be able to precisely define what exactly does not suit him, because he will observe the space through VR technology from his height and real position.

4. Money saving

By moving through the virtual space, conclusions can be made about the dimensions and layout of the furniture, and changes can be proposed before the execution itself. This makes it possible to reduce costs due to making mistakes and changes during construction or renovation.

Architaur studio has the necessary VR equipment, programs and skills to provide clients with an extraordinary space experience. Thanks to VR technology, designers and clients can collaborate on a new level, which leads to better quality and more successful projects.

Creativity on steroids

AI algorithms can analyze past designs, trends and customer preferences to identify patterns and provide relevant design suggestions. This allows designers to make decisions more quickly and adapt to the individual needs of clients.

One of the significant aspects of artificial intelligence in interior design is the possibility of generating proposals and simulations. Algorithms can learn styles and aesthetics from previous design solutions and generate innovative ideas that adapt to the specific space and target audience.

The Architaur team did not remain immune to these facts and wanted to implement certain possibilities offered by the use of artificial intelligence in their work, making the process of designing a space faster, easier and more fun.

On the website, you can upload pictures of your space, choose one of over 30 interior design styles, and as a result of the work of artificial intelligence in the background, get the look of your room furnished in the desired style. The process can be repeated until you are sure which style suits your sensibility and character the most. Then use the conceptual solutions as inspiration to decorate your rooms yourself or to more easily communicate your wishes and preferences to designers.

(Photo: Architaur)

The key lies in achieving the right balance between the opportunities brought by new technologies and the human touch.

Artificial intelligence can be used to perform repetitive tasks, analyze data, and perform complex calculations, freeing up designers` time for creative activities.

The human touch should remain at the heart of the design process.

Designers bring creativity, cultural understanding and empathy to their work, ensuring the final design reflects the clients` unique needs and aspirations.

At Architaur, the collaboration between designers and new technologies leads to innovative and personalized results that combine the best of both worlds.

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