Serbia to Build Distribution Network for Transfer of Energy of Wind Parks from South Banat – Project BeoGrid 2025 Worth Around EUR 90 Million

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The Belgrade Secretariat for Urban Planning and Construction Affairs has advertised the early public inspection on the occasion of the preparation of the spatial plan of the special-purpose area for the project BeoGrid 2025.

Back in January 2023, the Government of Serbia adopted the Program of Economic Reforms for 2023-2025. One of the goals is to continue with the development and the adoption of a long-term energy and climate strategy in line with the Western Balkans Green Agenda and international obligations and to additionally boost the investments in the modernization of the energy infrastructure and the reduction of carbon emissions to the end of accelerating the green transition. One of the 10 planned structural reforms is: the integration of renewable sources of electrical energy through the project BeoGrid 2025.

The project BeoGrid 2025 aims to enable a greater integration of the electrical energy produced from renewable sources (wind farms), which are located in the South Banat region, and to unload the substation TS 220/110/35 kV Beograd 5, which supplies a big part of Belgrade with electrical energy, especially parts of New Belgrade and Zemun.

The project BeoGrid encompasses the substation Beograd 50 of 400/110 kV with the accompanying connections of 400 kV and 110 kV and the 400 kV double transmission line from the substation Beograd 50 to the South Banat region (near the Cibuk wind park). The infrastructure works match total investments of around EUR 90 million.

It is expected to be fully operational by 2025.

The project consists of six functional units, that is, projects which will be realized in parallel, namely, the construction of:

- TS 400/110 kV Beograd 50;
- two-system 400 kV transmission line TS Beograd 50 – PRP Cibuk 1 with the equipping of a 400 kV field in PRP Cibuk 1;
- one-system 400 kV transmission lines for the implementation of the transmission line no. 450 (RP Mladost – TS Novi Sad 3) in TS Beograd 50;
- two two-system 110 kV transmission lines for the implementation of the transmission line no. 104/8 (TS Stara Pazova – TS Inđija 2) in TS Beograd 50;
- two two-system 110 kV transmission lines for the implementation of the transmission line no. 1178 AB (TS Beograd 5 – TS Beograd 9) in TS Beograd 50;
- two-system cable 110 kV TS Beograd 50 – TS Beograd 49 (Airport).

For the purpose of sending the early public inspection into procedure, the scope of the spatial plan is proposed in parts of the territories of the city of Belgrade, the city municipalities of Zemun, Palilula and Surcin, the city of Pancevo and the municipalities of Alibunar, Kovacica, Kovin, Pecinci and Stara Pazova. The total area of the spatial plan and the detailed development space will encompass around 12 km2.

The project BeoGrid 2025 is part of the wider project North CSE Corridor, which also encompasses the doubling of the existing interconnective 400 kV transmission line Djerdap 1 – Portile De Fier (Romania). Along with the strengthening of the corridor for the transfer of electrical energy through the Balkan Peninsula in the direction from east to west and the consequent contribution to the integration of the electrical energy market in the Southeast Europe region, this project will also enable the connection of a large number of new RES producers in South Banat.

– This, along with the 400/110 kV transformation in TS Beograd 50, will contribute considerably to the security of the supply of the consumers in the Srem area, which will create a favorable environment for the arrival of new investors and the further industrial development of this region. Furthermore, the construction of TS 400/110 kV Beograd 50 will considerably unload the existing substation TS 220/110/35 kV Beograd 5, which currently powers a large part of the consumers in Belgrade – it is said.

The North CSE Corridor project is part of the European ten-year plan of the development of the transfer system TYNDP 2020, the regional investment plan (RgIP 2020), supported by the Romanian transfer system operator (Transelectrica), as well as the German development bank KfW.

The planning consultant is the Ministry of Construction, Transport and Infrastructure, and the plan was prepared by the Center for the Planning of Urban Development CEP and IAUS – Institute for Architecture and Urban Planning of Serbia.

Recently, the ministry announced a tender for the services of creating a spatial plan of a special purpose area for the BeoGrid 2025 project, and the value of the procurement is estimated at RSD 30 million.

Let us remind that EMS has said for eKapija that, in the past seven years, in the area of south Banat, the company has invested around EUR 30 million in a fully new transfer network of a voltage level of 400 kV and 110 kV, that is, it has built two fully new power lines. One is 2x400 kV Pancevo 2 – state border with Romania, and the other is DV 110 kV TS Bela Crkva – TS Veliko Gradiste.

– It is precisely these investments that have enabled EMS AD to issue the requirements for the connecting of the wind farms in the area of south Banat. In the area of south Banat, so far, in the process of connecting, technical requirements for close to 2,400 MW have been issued, whereby, for close to 1,400 MW, the issued connection requirements pertain precisely to the newly built DV 2x400 TS Pancevo – state border with Romania – they explained for our portal at EMS.

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