Metro station in Novi Beograd loses its planned intersection with tram - Certain stations will change their locations

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The construction of the first subway stations in Belgrade should begin by the end of the year, announced the Minister of Construction, Transport and Infrastructure Goran Vesic. He also told TV Pink that the plan is to change the locations of certain stations in the city center and in Novi Beograd.

According to him, the originally planned Manjez station will now be located near Slavija square, in Kralja Milana street, whereas the previously planned station in Makenzieva will be in Karadjordjev Park, "where it will have a connection with the "BG Voz" train station, so it will be possible to transfer there".

- For line two we originally had two stations, Blok 18 and Sava Centar, but now a new station is being planned, instead of those two, and it will be located on the corner of Vladimira Popovica street and Zorana Djindjica boulevard. And the station near the Arena has been moved to the Antifasisticke borbe - Vesic specified.

By moving the station from Milentija Popovica to Vladimira Popovica street in New Belgrade, this part of the city would lose the planned transfer connection between the metro and the tram to the so-called Sava blocks.

Vesic told TV Pink that the construction of the first stations is expected to commence by the end of the year, the first one being in Banovo brdo.

- It is the most difficult location, because of the rock mass, which is the hardest and most demanding, and that is why those stations will be constructed first - said Vesic.

Belgrade "on the rails" - the main railway station outside the route of the first metro line

According to Vesic, the first metro line should be ready by 2028, and the second one by 2030.

- Once the "BG Voz" train is extended to Surcin, to the National Stadium and the airport, as well as to Obrenovac, and when we introduce more departures from Lazarevac, Sopot, Mladenovac and Barajevo and when the first two metro lines start operating, then we will have over 80% of public transport on the rails - stated Vesic.

However, even though in the future, according to the minister, Belgrade plans to rely on "public rail transport", the first line of the metro will apparently not include the main railway station.

The request to connect Prokop with the metro was put forward by some citizens' associations, as well as the President of Serbia, Aleksandar Vucic, who proposed to rectify the map of the metro lines.

- A solution should be found so that, in addition to Beovoz and the Novi Begrad line, the metro is also connected to the "Soko" high-speed train to Novi Sad. If we do not combine it with Prokop, we will have made a catastrophic mistake. 2027 is not that far, it is in five, six years. It is better to correct this mistake now, while it is still in the project phase, than later - Vucic said in May 2022.

Vucic's proposal was answered by the then-director of PE Metro and Train, Slavko Kantar, pointing out that the conceptual solution for the first line is nearing completion, so the chances of Prokop being included in that project are very slim.

- Even the initial plans for the metro system, from half a century ago, did not include the central railway station as the first line stop - said Kantar earlier.

Kantar also stated that in the first line, it would be difficult to carry out the works near the railway station, since it would cut the deep foundation anchors that were built to protect the Dedinje hill from sliding towards Prokop.

Accordingly, the passage of the metro line through the Clinical Center and Prokop is not possible from several aspects, namely vibration, noise, geological and infrastructural limitations, as well as on the basis of changes in the space resulting from newly built or planned health care facilities . The good thing is that the third line should solve all the engineering problems of the metro construction in that area.

According to earlier announcements, by the end of 2028, the first line of the metro system, leading from Mirijevo to Zeleznik, will be completed, and by 2030, the second line will be completed, reaching from Mirijevo, via Zemun, to the Nova Bezanija cemetery.

The third section envisages a connection of the capital's most populous municipality Novi Beograd with Banjica, which would also pass by Prokop.

The third line will have a total of 23 stations, and it will start from Surcinska street, go via Novi Beograd and Trg republike, reach Prokop, and later it will continue its route via Autokomanda, Stepa Stepanovic and Braca Jerkovic districts to the trolleybus turn at Paunov breg.

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