The SatIRS platform of the Satwork company as an ideal basis for future innovative solutions in transport and logistics

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Banja Luka Satwork has more than 18 years of experience in the field of satellite tracking of vehicles and is the market leader in this field in the territory of Bosnia and Herzegovina, and the emphasis in business is increasingly on the improvement of intralogistics, innovation and IT, as well as environmental protection.

This company is engaged in the creation, development and provision of services and products based on GNSS technology, adaptable to the individual requirements of clients.

On their SatIRS platform, they develop and improve numerous integrated services with the aim of better controlling the activities of the fleet, timely disposal of information and reduction of fleet costs.

The focus is always on clients and their needs, but also on new technologies and new solutions in the field of telemetry, so clients can know, in addition to some basic information, where the vehicles are, whether they are moving and at what speed, where they stop and how long the stop takes, how much fuel consumption, speeding, etc., also enable some new functionalities and services such as driving style, remote reading and processing of data from digital tachographs, double camera monitoring in front and behind the vehicle and others as well as specific dedicated services.

As pointed out by Siniša Palić, the owner and founder of the company, Satwork developed its own SatIRS system, which over time grew into a platform through which the company provides a wide range of different solutions and services in order to improve business processes.

Palić singles out fuel consumption monitoring as the most requested service, given that fuel consumption control and fuel level measurement in the tank, which implies registration of sudden fuel in/out, are problems that owners of a large fleet of vehicles inevitably face.

- Services such as management and control of fuel consumption very quickly show if there are unjustified costs, but cost optimization is also influenced by other services that we offer on our platform, such as, for example. Travel orders service, Digital tachograph remote reading service, My location service, Routing service, Economy driving service, etc. - emphasizes the owner of the company Satwork and adds that each of these services is adapted to the specific needs of individual clients.

Satwork also takes care of environmental protection.

- Our service SatECO or, as it is perhaps more recognizable, Eco Drive (economical driving) is a tool that combines business optimization and environmental protection. When we once presented this service to the public through some articles and presentations, we emphasized, in addition to other advantages of the service, the fact that careful vehicle management and optimal driving style directly affect, among other things, the emission of harmful exhaust gases, and therefore the environmental protection - says Palić.


"Eco driving" service

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This service from Satwork enables the reduction of fuel consumption. It is generally known that the way and style of driving directly affects fuel consumption and vehicle maintenance costs, the safety of road users and ultimately the environment protection.
The SatECO system is based on sensors that monitor the movement of the vehicle by monitoring speed, acceleration, braking, turning, standing still and blames violations in real time.
Also, this system enables an overview of whether and to what extent violations occurred during driving. More details about the service can be found here.

System for remote download of tachograph data

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The SatTACHO system is an advanced software solution that allows you to download tachograph files without leaving the office, designed to relieve fleet dispatchers by automating file downloads from digital tachographs.
The system saves money and time by allowing scheduling and automatic download of files for each vehicle, eliminating the need for additional manpower and associated costs. Learn more about the system here.

System for advanced organization of service shops

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The SatRAPID system for the organization, management and control of the complete process of servicing the fleet and facilities is an advanced software solution, with complete adaptation to the needs of users and evaluation of the work of employees involved in maintenance as a business process.
SatRAPID enables users to speed up service activities, reduce costs and operate efficiently, with a record of all service data, as well as the possibility of viewing reports based on the collected information. Learn more about the system here.

Postman tracking system

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SatPOST is a module for tracking postmen and other employees in postal systems in accordance with pre-created delivery areas. It offers a set of graphical gis tools for optimizing the work of postmen, with appropriate reports.
Tracking is carried out from the moment the postman leaves the post office, until he returns from the delivery areas back to the facility, and data on movement is available to the user of the system in real time. More about the SatPOST system can be found here.

Driver monitoring and warning system

(Photo: Satwork)

The SatDMS system for safer and smarter fleets is based on camera and sensor components that monitor driver alertness and attention by tracking the driver`s head position, eyelid blink rate, gaze vector and other visual attributes to detect distraction or any signs of driver drowsiness.
SatDMS will initiate action if a potential or immediate dangerous situation is detected. If the driver does not pay attention to the road ahead and SatDMS registers it as an event that represents a potential danger, the system will warn the driver with a voice warning. Learn more here.

Representative offices and services

In order to provide the highest quality services and regional positioning, Satwork founded its company Satwork d.o.o. Belgrade in Serbia and Satwork d.o.o. Podgorica in Montenegro, whose main activity is also the provision of satellite vehicle tracking services, while in Croatia and Austria business activities are carried out through business partners.
Satwork has a developed service network in BiH and Serbia. We also have mobile certified service teams with several specially equipped vehicles owned by the company that are operational in the territory of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Montenegro, Austria and Croatia.

The future of industry

Asked about the future of the transport and logistics sector, the head of the Satwork company estimates that, if there are no significant impacts of negative phenomena currently present in the world (pandemic, wars, global trade disruptions...), we will witness an even more spectacular impact of ICT technologies on logistics, telematics and business process management:

- Electrification of vehicles and the road transport system, with the advent of fully autonomous vehicles, will radically change the picture in our industry and services segment. For example. from today`s prevailing model of installation of dedicated GNSS devices, which ensures almost instantaneous transfer to the end user of data on the position of the monitored object in time and space (with all additional data from telemetry and other optional sensors), to the fact that new electrified vehicles will be operated in such a way that it is simply installed by the dedicated software application of a particular TSP (Telematic Solution Provider), such as us.

He also points out the impact of IoT development on the industry:

- With the expansion of the 5G network, it will create many so-called "smart" solutions, within which we have already presented various services from a set of so-called Smart City solutions, such as e.g. SatBUS for smart public transport, SatGARBAGE (working name) for the organization of waste collection and management...
Palić reveals that Satwork, based on its SatIRS platform, will in the future have the opportunity to, in addition to services for the organization and management of vehicle fleets, provide far more sophisticated services for the organization in completely new areas of work, such as emergency services, fire services, water supply , Electric power Distribution and all other possible services that require work in the field, which should be as fast as possible, and at the same time, to be carried out with less investment.

- At the same time, with the aforementioned expansion of IoT services, many of them will find their role within our SatIRS platform - says the Head of the company, adding that Satwork is already experimenting with many of them.
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