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First 150 years of Baloise insurance group in the world, first four years of Basler insurance company in Serbia

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Although Basler insurance company operates in Serbia for only four years, Bâloise Holding, part of which is Basler, exists for nearly hundred and fifty years and, ever since it was established in 1863, it has been constantly providing insurance services. It proved it's loyalty to clients by not discontinuing operations even during two world wars, staying faithful to the principle of safety and expertise.

Today, it is one of the world's most successful insurance groups. It operates in eight countries of Europe. In 1938, at the peak of its geographic expansion, the group had over 100 affiliates on several different continents: Africa (Alexandria), North America (San Francisco), South America (Mexico, Rio de Janeiro, Buenos Aires), Asia (Yokahama, Istanbul, Izmir) and Europe (Bern, Hamburg). The group has built it's success on knowledge and experience and it now strives to become one of the fastest growing insurance companies in Europe prior to 2012.

The company’s foundation was prompted by the devastating great fire of Glarus in 1861, after which Baloise set up Basler Insurance Company against Fire Damage. Shortly after that, the company expanded its offer by introducing life and transport insurance. With a growth of the living standard and a technological progress, the company also introduced an insurance against burglary.

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During the long-time operations of Baloise companies, the world was hit by numerous crisis. The flowering of the insurance market came to an abrupt halt with World War I. The Baloise companies suffered from severe disruption to its international business due to an increase in the mortality rate, destruction of property, as well as inflation. In the light of Europe's economic recovery, after wars and recession that hit the world in the 1930s, Baloise companies successfully repositioned and expanded operations to Peru, Venezuela and Ecuador. The establishment of Baloise Holding in 1962, with the headquarters in Basel, preceded the further business expansion of the group to the countries of Europe and the market of North America in the 1970s and 1980s.

The new millennium began with a business consolidation and a growth. By taking over German insurance company Securitas, opening affiliates in Czech Republic and Slovakia, acquiring Solothurn SoBa Bank and Zagreb Osiguranje, and founding Basler insurance company in Serbia in 2007, Baloise Holding got closer to the goal it set for itself.

With the development and changing of the company, the offer of Basler insurance company has also been adapted to the needs of clients. Today it includes life, transport, property, bank insurance, as well as insurance against accidents. However, what makes Basler the absolute leader in the European market is professional indemnity insurance.

With the arrival of Basler in Serbia, professional indemnity insurance is introduced for the first time for medical workers, doctors, dentists, medical staff and institutions in our country. The offer has also been enriched with "Safety World" program, which is a complete innovation based on the concept of prevention.

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