Belgrade, Nis, Kovin, Pozega, Uzice, Arilje, TENT B to Get Waste Water Treatment Facilities – 2022 Retrospective, Investments in Ecology

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When it comes to investments in ecology in 2022, what drew the most attention from eKapija’s readers were the stories about the construction of waste water treatment facilities.

The construction of a waste waster treatment plant and 82 kilometers of a sewer system on the left coast of the Danube was announced in Krnjaca. As announced, Nis will get the biggest waste water treatment facility in Serbia, and the construction of waste water treatment facilities was also announced for the TENT B complex and Kovin. The construction of a regional facility which would cover the territory of Pozega, Uzice and Arilje, was also announced. Furthermore, the reconstruction of the water treatment facility Jezero in Makis is planned.

Here is the list of the most read investments in ecology in 2022.

1. Waste water treatment facility and 82 kilometers of sewer on the left coast of the Danube in Belgrade

The construction of the waste water treatment facility and 82 kilometers of a sewer system on the left coast of the Danube begins in February, announced the then deputy mayor of Belgrade, Goran Vesic, at the beginning of 2022.

– This will definitely solve the problem on the left coast of the Danube, that is, everybody will be connected to the sewer system. What’s even more important, all waste waters will be treated and poured into the Danube filtered – Vesic pointed out.

The tender was published by the Belgrade Land Development Public Agency in November 2021, and the initial bid submission deadline was February 22, but it was extended until March 14.

2. Eko Bio Invest biodegradable bags

Eko Bio Invest announced that it would not long after start producing an innovative material that would be used for the manufacture of products that are not toxic and that are fully degradable in a natural way, without nanoparticles which end up in the ground or the water, and then later in the food chain. It is a material that will serve as a fully safe alternative to thin, usually single-use plastic.

The research department is in Belgrade, and the granulate, based on fruit and vegetable waste will be produced in Zagreb.

3. Waste water treatment facility at TENT B complex

Elektroprivreda Srbije is planning the construction of a waste water treatment facility at the complex of the Thermal Power Plant Nikola Tesla B in Usce near Obrenovac. On that occasion, a request for the authorization of the Environmental Impact Assessment Study was submitted to the Ministry of Environmental Protection.

The total area of the location on which the realization of the facility is planned is 85,018 m2.

Illustration (Photo: John Kasawa/

4. Regional waste water treatment facility for Uzice, Pozega and Arilje

In September, the Ministry of Construction, Transport and Infrastructure advertised the early public inspection on the occasion of the preparation of the Spatial Plan of the special-purpose area for the realization of the project of the regional waste water treatment facility in the territories of local self-governments of Pozega, Uzice and Arilje. The preliminary area of the plan encompasses around 172 square kilometers.

The plan is for the municipal waste waters of Uzice, Pozega and Arilje to be directed to the waste water treatment complex by a shared gravitational pipeline and for the filtered water to be let into the Skrapez river.

5. Waste water treatment facility Kovin

The Municipality of Kovin is planning the construction of a waste water treatment facility, and according to the urban project prepared by Beoexpert Design BIM Engineering from Belgrade, the area covered by the project is 21,301.68 m2, whereas the estimated value of the facility is RSD 475 million without the VAT.

(Photo: Screenshot/Opština Kovin/UP/Beoexpert Design Beograd)

Kovin has a partially built system for waste waters, and the sewer for the reception and evacuation of waste waters has been built only in the Gaj settlement.

6. Waste water treatment facility Nis

Nis is one of the three biggest cities in Serbia without a waste water treatment facility, because the sewage has been poured into the Nisava river for decades now. Unlike Belgrade and Novi Sad, which let their waste waters into the Danube, said river in Nis doesn’t have a sufficient flow rate and is seriously jeopardized.

That is why the state, by the end of the year, with the help of IPA funds, will start building the biggest waste water treatment facility in Serbia here, as announced in September. The director of the Office for Local Economic Development, Dusan Radivojevic, says that the value of the project reaches EUR 85 million and that the full tendering procedure regarding the selection of the contractor, designers and supervision has already been completed.

7. Reconstruction and construction of water treatment facility in Makis

The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development announced in September, on behalf of the PUE Beogradski vodovod i kanalizacija, the publishing of the tender for the reconstruction of the water treatment facility Jezero in Makis and the construction of collection and treatment facilities at the Makis WTP.

The job is worth EUR 15.9 million, of which 13 million is financed by the EBRD through a loan, and 2.9 million is a grant from the Western Balkans Investment Framework (WBIF).

We presented the articles that attracted the most attention from our readers when it comes to investments in ecology. Make sure to take a look at the full list in the ECOLOGY segment.

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