Source: Beta | Tuesday, 25.01.2011.| 13:35
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Pirot equipped industrial zone with infrastructure - Municipality offers benefits to investors

Municipality of Pirot announced today that it had completely equipped the industrial zone with infrastructure. The zone currently spans 8 ha and all investors who decide to have their plants built in that zone will enjoy the benefits provided by the Government of Serbia and the local self-government.

Dragana Petrovic, the Mayor's assistant for local economic development, told Beta agency that, in addition to a road 300 meters long, the zone had also obtained plumbing, sewerage and public lighting systems and two substations.

- In the first phase of regulation of the industrial zone, the municipality of Pirot purchased about 8 ha of land - she said and specified that the land was equipped with infrastructure with the help of the Ministry for NIP, the Ministry of Economy and Regional Development, and through the MEGA Project of the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID).

The Office for Local Economic Development of the municipality of Pirot has recently announced a call for all interested businessmen to submit letters of intent to the local self-government with the aim of adequate subdividing of land in the future industrial zone.

- Our plan is that an average lot spans between 600 and 700 square meters, while each investor will be able to merge several lots if needed - said Ms. Petrovic.

She underlined that the municipality had solved most of the problems that investors experience when starting a new business by equipping the industrial zone and that it offered certain benefits as well.

- Investors will not have to prepare either land-use or geodesic projects. They will buy a lot entered into the registry from the municipality - she said.

According to her words, potential investors will also enjoy other benefits by the decision of the Town Hall of Pirot.

- The municipality will decrease the prices of certain public utility services for future investors. In that way, they will be exempted from taxes and fees paid to the Fund for Building Land, while the companies whose founder is the local self-government will be paying only 50% of the price of services of cleaning, trash collection and disposal, and the use of water and sewerage - said Ms. Petrovic.

She reminded that certain benefits were provided by the state and depended on the type of a company.

- The investor who employs more than 50 people and invests over 1 million euros will be able to receive subventions from the state through SIEPA, in amount of between 4,000 and 10,000 euros per newly employed worker - said Ms. Petrovic.

She said that the industrial zone was of great significance for development of Pirot and employment of workers because there were about 8,000 unemployed people in the records of the National Employment Agency in Pirot.
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