Zagubica Developing Agri-Tourism – Bela Reka Farm Location to Feature Complex with Horse Farm, Hotel, Bungalows, Adventure Park…

Source: eKapija Wednesday, 10.08.2022. 15:06
The Mlava spring in Zagubica (Photo: eKapija / Aleksandra Kekić)The Mlava spring in Zagubica
According to the Detailed Regulation Plan which is up for public review, Zagubica could develop, in the location of the Bela Reka farm, an eponymous agri-tourist complex.

The area covered by the Plan amounts to 531.94 ha, and the space is located in the westmost part of the municipality in the area of the village of Bliznak. There are developed goat and cow farm facilities, facilities for milk processing, the farm management building, a facility for the accommodation of the workers and several built houses for the accommodation of tourists there. The location also features blueberry fields, large cattle grazing areas (meadows – grazing land), as well as forest areas.

Based on the general goals and the existing potentials, the following basic goals are planned:

– the development of tourism, that is, agri-tourism;
– the development of an agricultural complex, by rounding out the production cycle – from cattle rearing (of the selected goat and sheep varieties), to the production, processing and marketing of products;
– education in the sphere of agriculture (cattle farming, fruit farming etc.);
– the defining of public traffic areas which would upgrade the existing situation, enable access to all parcels and create the possibility of setting up all the necessary infrastructure.

Agri-tourism is the kind of tourism where hosts offer a stay at their own agricultural facility (farm) and enable guests to directly take part in all jobs: caring for animals and plants, sowing and harvesting the food specific to the area (blueberries or other fruit, corn, wheat – depending on the area you’re in).

The following features are planned within the complex of the Bela Reka farm:

– cow and sheep farms (with milk processing facilities);
– a horse farm;
– facilities for the accommodation of the workers;
– a hotel with all the accompanying features (a parking lot, sports courts, reception desk etc);
– special facilities for the accommodation of guests, that is, tourist (in the form of houses – bungalows);
– an agricultural education center - a school with the accompanying features (a facility for the accommodation of the pupils, sports courts etc.);
– a mountain and hunters’ home;

– grounds for special sports and training (the main facility and courts for training in certain sports);
– a reproduction center for roebucks and wild animals (a space bordered by a fence 2.5 meters tall without facilities);
– blueberry fields;
– a waste water treatment facility;
– a church with a memorial ossuary;
– a repeater;
– a water supply source;
– a park forest (with adventure park features and a part for the reproduction center).

In addition to said features, adequate traffic infrastructure with the required number of parking spaces, developed green areas with park street furniture and the development of green areas along the road are planned.

This plan envisages public roads which will serve the planned construction area and connect all the planned features. The roads are planned with a two-way traffic lane. They will also feature sidewalks and, in the places where the terrain allows for it, cycling lanes.

The Municipality of Zagubica commissioned the plan, and Infoplan doo from Arandjelovac prepared it.

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