Source: Novosti | Thursday, 03.03.2005.| 15:00
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2005, Serbia, 400,000 sterile couples

According to estimates of Yugoslav Association for Fertility and Sterility, there are over 400,000 sterile couples living in Serbia at the moment, 30,000 of which do not have any other possibility to have descendants but by means of artificial insemination.

There are about 13,000 couples in Braničevo County with this problem. Increasing number of couples with symptoms of reduced fertility is the result of postponement of marriage and pregnancy, rapidity of sexual diseases and various other things.

Draft of new Law on Health Care, as a measure against fall in birthrate, regulates way of licensing of health care institutions in order to enable quality diagnostics and treatment, as well as forming of system and protocol for determination of real methods and procedures.

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