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How Digitalization Helps Construction Industry – PlanRadar App

(Photo: PlanRadar)
Although maybe slower than in other sectors, digitalization is slowly finding its way into the construction industry as well. Unlike just a decade ago, when digital solutions in construction sector were mostly reserved only for large companies that could take advantage of generic software for project management, data spreadsheets or exchange of information, the use of specialized software for the construction industry is increasing today, even for smaller projects.

Although according to the recent survey conducted by PlanRadar the use of specific construction software in Serbia is still at low level, of only 7%, the same survey showed that most companies, especially medium-sized ones, are willing to use these tools in the future and are aware of the benefits that digital tools can bring them.

Unlike in the earlier period, when ConTech tools were mostly designed to solve specific individual problems - such as planning, task-scheduling or reporting, modern solutions offer end-to-end solutions, which professionals in the field of construction and related industries can access easily, without significant changes in their usual way of doing business and select only those functions that make their job easier and faster.

One of such solutions is the PlanRadar app, aimed at defect management and communication in construction and real estate projects. Today, the PlanRadar application is used by over 13,000 users from 55 countries around the world, whether they are investors, engineers, real estate managers or architects, and according to their own estimates, using this application saves them up to 7 hours per week per user.

Benefits that digitalization brings to the construction industry

Whether you have already started the process of digitizing your business in the construction industry, or are just thinking about it, it is good to know what you can expect from the available tools, and what benefits they can bring you in your daily business.

Here are just a few examples of how software for the construction industry can help you:

1. Significant productivity improvement

Research shows that the use of software in the construction industry can increase productivity by up to 15%. By digitization of daily tasks and processes, ConTech tools can help you do more in less time. For example, instead of rummaging through piles of paper drawings to find a site plan from six months ago, with the PlanRadar app, a site manager can shorten this time to just a few minutes of searching in the app on their mobile phone. In addition to saving time, avoiding paper drafts also leads to savings in paper and storage space, as well as reducing errors.

It only takes a few minute of searching the app
It only takes a few minute of searching the app (Photo: PlanRadar)

2. Better project management

Precise determination of the status in which the construction project is currently is crucial for proper time and resource management. However, without modern tools, having information on the current status of the project is almost impossible if those who manage the project are not on the construction site itself. With software such as PlanRadar, you can identify exactly which tasks last longer than planned and whether any of the contractors are breaking deadlines and thus leading to the delays of the entire project.

3. Save time

Software for the construction industry can contribute to time savings in many ways. From initial planning, to the construction phase, to the project review and submission phase, technology can save time for everyone involved in the project and leave them more time for other, more productive activities. Unlike the earlier detailed explanation of the location of the problem, with the help of the PlanRadar application, the observed problem can be simply geolocated on a digital plan and easily distributed to those who should repair it.

4. Better communication

Good communication is key to successful construction project management. Face-to-face meetings allow better mutual understanding but are time consuming. On the other hand, phone calls, emails or mobile applications make communication faster, but in that case it is easier to overlook some of the information, if too much data is sent via different channels. By creating a ticket in the PlanRadar application, anyone with access can attach an appropriate description, photo, video, or voice recording, either on a two-dimensional plan or in a BIM model and share it with other project participants in a single place.

5. Better documentation management

Site managers spend several hours each day preparing the documentation necessary for audit, legal reporting, or project management. With PlanRadar this activity can be done almost instantly, with the help of a mobile phone, and instantly saved in a cloud, so that everyone can see the most current reports. All required reports can be pre-defined to meet existing legal or technical requirements.

How to choose the proper digital tool for your construction project?

In order for the new digital solution to be applied in practice, it is necessary that it brings more benefits than complications like trainings, additional costs, changes in the existing way of doing business, etc. Therefore, PlanRadar advises you to consider the following aspects before making a final decision:

Inform yourself about which apps best suit the problems you have identified
Inform yourself about which apps best suit the problems you have identified (Photo: PlanRadar)

1. Start with your needs and problems

Talk to different project participants to find out what are the biggest obstacles in their day-to-day business. It is possible that problems arise in communicating, recording progress, or wasting time visiting many locations in case of larger projects.

2. Investigate which applications will best help you solve the identified problems

Although most modern ConTech tools tend to bring together solutions to as many problems as possible in one place, their original purpose is often different. Try out apps that offer you a free trial, such as PlanRadar, or find out which apps best suit the issues you`ve identified.

3. Select applications that can be interconnected

You may not be able to find a single solution to all the problems you face. However, modern digital solutions give you the opportunity to choose the ones that can be interconnected, so that the data between them can be easily transferred.

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