Source: B92 | Tuesday, 24.08.2010.| 14:10
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Portoroz waits for Jat's reply - Serbian airline considers ticket price in winter season


The Tourism Association of Slovenian summer resort Portoroz is waiting for Jat's reply concerning the price at which it is willing to keep operating Belgrade-Portoroz flights during the winter season.

- If the price is acceptable, we will maintain that line. If not, we will not discuss it until next year - said Jadran Furlanic, the Director of the Tourism Association.

The consortium of tourism economy at Slovenian coast, which includes Kompas, Bernardin Hotels, Liffe lash, Slovenian Tourism Organization, and the Tourism Association of Portoroz, has already given EUR 104,000 for the launch of Belgrade-Portoroz flights, and it is ready to set aside the same amount for the future flights.

Furlanic added that they had experienced certain difficulties in doing business with Serbian tour-operators upon the launch of that line because they had refused to offer Portoroz's travel arrangements by saying that they were not interesting to their guests.

- Therefore, the consortium decided to rent and sell certain number of tickets for the first 20 flights, the price of which is 104,000 euros - he said. People in Jat said yesterday (August 23, 2010) that they would negotiate on the future of those flights during the next week.

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