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Strazevica increases capacities - Modernization of units in quarry in Batocina

Quarry Strazevica in Batocina will be ready for all big infrastructure projects, the activities of construction industry and works on road network in Serbia. All facilities on the grounds of the quarry were renovated in 2008 and 2009, all internal roads were paved, while the operations were brought in accord with relevant regulations in the fields of mining and environment protection. The aim of Strazevica is to increase its production capacities from current 600,000 tons per year to 1,000,000 tons per year.

In addition to existing 100 ha for stone exploitation, the works on formation of additional 10 ha are underway.

- We are currently purchasing land in Batocina and trying to make our property a functional whole. The new excavation site will enable big exploitation and reduction of costs of exploitation in the following period. We plan to modernize stone-processing units, replace machines, and provide specialist training for our employees - Vladan Radevic, CEO of Strazevica, which is 100% owned by Austrian Alpine, told eKapija.

Straževica has set aside about EUR 350,000 for land in Batocina, while modernization of units and formation of a new excavation site are expected to happen in next few years. For now, they can not talk about how much all that is going to cost them.

The interlocutor of eKapija hopes that the large infrastructure works in Serbia, which have not been carried out so far due to bad weather or lack of funds, will be resumed soon.

- I personally expect that the commenced works will be resumed and completed by the end of the year and that a quite bad picture from the previous six months will be made better in that way.

Strazevica has significantly cut the number of workers, but if the demand for its products grows, many people will get their jobs back.

- I hope that, after the realization of projected investments, expansion of excavation sites and enlargement of production capacities, we will be able to create new jobs and hire people again - says Radevic.

Business results in 2009 were positive, but the operations in 2010 were worse than planned.

- Although year 2009 was quite difficult, we ended that business year with 670,000 tons of products. We sold about 580,000 tons, which can be considered a satisfying quantity of sold materials.

According to our interlocutor, the beginning of this year was pretty bad "due to bad weather that probably affected continuation of implementation of large projects and commencement of works on new projects and planned sections".

- Since the sales were smaller in the first six months of 2010 than in the same period in 2009, we also calculate with the quantity of produced materials in order not to create big stock and increase the production costs. When compared to the same period in 2009, the production was reduced by about 25%.

Commenting on the adopted Law on incentives for construction industry in the conditions of the economic crisis, Radevic points out that he hopes that such law will not come into force in the field as well.

- Significant amount of money needs to be provided for realization of planned projects in Serbia. Once the funds for projects and contractors are provided, the manufacturers of building materials can expect better business results.

Stone, gravel and tampons

Strazevica quarry produces all types of asphalt aggregates (0-4 mm; 4-8 mm; 8-16 mm; 8-11 mm; 16-22 mm; 16-31 mm), tampons (0-31,5 mm I class; 0-31,5 mm II class; 0-61 mm; 60-120 mm), gravel 30-60 mm for railway tracks. It also produces fillers (stone flour) for asphalt mass. All materials are of high quality and certified by authorized institutions.

Merger of National Stone Mill and building company Izgradnja

Strazevica, the manufacturer of building materials, was formed in 1951 by the merger of the National Stone Mill and building company Izgradnja with the headquarters in Kragujevac. In the period 1951-2001, various status changes were made in accordance with the regulations in effect, and the company was using exclusively social capital in that period. The company was organized as a joint-stock company in 2001. Austrian Alpine became the owner of 100% of capital of Strazevica in 2009.

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