Beo Cista Energija: Old landfill in Vinca to become green area, with a system for collecting landfill gas and turning it into energy, in three years

Source: eKapija Thursday, 12.08.2021. 10:53
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The recent fire at the Vinca landfill has caused a major negative response, both among the citizens and those in charge. While the fire is still being put out, the scope of the ecological disaster is not known, nor is it known who’s responsible. Due to such situations, everyone expects the announced closing of the old landfill to take place and for a new one to open.

The deputy mayor of Belgrade, Goran Vesic, said this March that the old landfill in Vinca was the least developed landfill of municipal waste in this part of Europe and added that 500,000 tons of waste had been disposed of there over a period of 40 years. In that period, four billion tons of methane gas was emitted from there into the atmosphere.

Let us remind that the City of Belgrade, Beo Cista Energija d.o.o. and the consortium of SUEZ Groupe S.A.S. and I-Environment Investment Ltd have signed an agreement on the public-private partnership to the end of providing the services of treatment and disposal of municipal waste at the Vinca landfill.

According to the project, the landfill should be thoroughly reshaped, with a new sanitary landfill, a facility for producing energy from waste and a modern facility for the treatment and recycling of construction and demolition waste.

– About three years from now, the 42 hectares on which the current landfill spreads will become a green area. After the existing landfill is ameliorated and closed, a system for the collection of landfill gas will be installed and used for the production of energy in the facility for the energy-utilization of the landfill gas. The closing of the landfill, along with the construction of the system for the collection of gases, will keep most of the gases which are now emitted into the atmosphere – Beo Cista Energija told eKapija.

On the occasions of the statement made by the Ministry of Environmental Protection, which said that it was not true that Beo Cista Energija was waiting for their permit to take over the old landfill in Vinca and that this pertained to another parcel, where there’s no fire, they clarify:

– Beo Cista Energija expects the permit for the management of inert and construction waste to be issued any moment now, so that we would, in addition to the permit for managing municipal waste, take over from the PUE Gradska Cistoca the activities toward disposing of this waste at the newly built special landfill or reusing it following the treatment at a special facility for the treatment of construction waste.

Aleksandra Kekic

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