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Magnum Optimum 1208 – Alternative to Gitterbox Metal Containers

Magnum Optimum 1208
Magnum Optimum 1208 (Photo: Schoeller Allibert)
How do traditional solutions compete with innovative products, of which there are more and more in modern logistics? We can seek answers to this question by comparing the Gitterbox metal container with Magnum Optimum® 1208 – a new folding container in the Schoeller Allibert offer.

Necessity is the mother of invention

“The classical is always in fashion” – one of the timeless rules in the world of fashion is not applicable to logistics. Efficiency is the most important here, which is best reflected in the company’s calculations. In order to optimize the process of managing the supply chain, companies which transport and store goods are forced to seek new solutions which will enable them to minimize their costs. The conventional means that have been used in the industry for decades (for example, wooden pallets or the metal Gitterbox containers) are slowly becoming a thing of the past. They are being replaced by innovative return plastic packaging, which offers a range of advantages compared to the old solutions. What exactly? We can answer this question by comparing the possibilities of Gitterbox with those of the new container in the Schoeller Allibert offer – Magnum Optimum® 1208 (MO 1208).

Savings made through foldability

The primary difference between the popular Gitterbox and MO 1208 is the possibility of folding the lateral sides of the latter. Folding the sides means that the size of the container is reduced in return transport. Whereas a metal container keeps its volume even when empty, Magnum Optimum® saves a lot of space when empty. How much exactly? An assembled container of Schoeller Allibert has the dimensions of 1200x800x958 mm, and a folded one has the dimensions of 1200x800x295 mm. That’s not all! The height of the containers after the folding and the stacking is only 265 mm, which enables the loading of up to 363 folded containers in a mega-semitrailer. Less space in return transport and storage means lower costs in transporting empty containers or the possibility of storing more containers in a single storage facility.

Magnum Optimum® 1208 = amenity

The designing of a container which reduces financial costs was the priority for the engineers of Schoeller Allibert. However, Magnum Optimum® 1208 provides much more. This modern container has an additional advantage: smooth sides, and it is made of friction-resistant materials. These characteristics enable an easy cleaning of the compartments, which is crucial from the aspect of the industries which place hygiene first (for example, food, pharmaceutical, chemical industry). The use of plastic removes the problem of corrosion, thanks to which MO 1208 can successfully be stored in the open. This possibility is also thanks to the drainage holes which facilitate the removal of water and moisture from the compartments, as well as the lateral walls without the hollow parts.

Foldable containers
Foldable containers (Photo: Schoeller Allibert)

Corrosion and tare weight

Companies which use metal Gitterboxes must face the problem of corrosion. It is not the only challenge that the owners of old containers face. An additional flaw is the tare weight of a metal box (over 100 kg). Another flaw in everyday work with metal containers is the noise they make. This is best attested by the workers at the warehouses, who have to withstands all those decibels every day.

Simple part replacement

When it comes to the ergonomics, it should be noted that MO 1208 is built from numerous parts, the replacement of which is so simple that you can do it yourself, saving on the service costs. Damaged parts can be ordered from the producer. This flexibility in the structure of the container is another advantage compared to the Gitterbox structure, because Gitterbox often becomes unusable if a single part is damaged.

Safety above all

Gitterboxes also underperform when it comes to the safety of the load. In order to increase the safety of the load, some users try to secure the container with cardboard or plastic plates. This solution usually creates additional costs, takes up too much time and turns out inefficient. What’s more, the metal elements and the weight of Gitterbox can easily become a threat to the employees handling the containers. Magnum Optimum® 1208 does not require additional securing, which means that it guarantees full safety of the goods. The container can be equipped with an optional lid, which will additionally protect its contents. MO 1208, in its factory version, offers numerous spots for the labels and marks which enable the following and the identification of the cargo, which is also important from the aspect of its safety.

Magnum Optimum® 1208 does not require additional securing
Magnum Optimum® 1208 does not require additional securing (Photo: Schoeller Allibert)

A step toward saving the planet

Finally, there’s an important aspect regarding the corporate social responsibility (CSR). All the return containers of Schoeller Allibert are built from recyclable materials. They can be reused at the end of the container’s life cycle (around 10-12 years). The second life of the compartments does not mean being sent to waste. This is simply the first eco point on the account of Magnum Optimum®. The second pertains to the already mentioned reduced need for space in transport. Folded containers require less space, and with that fewer trucks on the roads. Fewer trucks means a lower carbon footprint and less noise generated by logistics companies, and with that a pure profit for our planet.

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