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Carry, Samantha, Miranda and Charlotte arrived in Belgrade

Red carpet, glamorous toilets and maaany girls in one place - that is how the Belgrade premiere of the highly anticipated film "Sex and the City 2" looked like.

All who have purchased the tickets for the premiere in Sava Center on time were enjoying the latest adventures of four girlfriends, Carrie, Samantha, Miranda and Charlotte on June 1, 2010. Only a few days after the world premiere, the four glamorous New Yorkers arrived in to Belgrade.

Sarah Jessica Parker, Kim Cattrall, Kristin Davis and Cynthia Nixon play again four best friends in the second part of feature-length movie "Sex and the City". Besides the well-known performers from the series, there are numerous guest appearances: from Oscar-winning Penelope Cruz, teen star Miley Cyrus, to acting and singing icon Liza Minnelli.

The premiere of the first part of "Sex and the City" took place on 28 May 2008, and the film earned 415 million US dollars worldwide. In Serbia, it was the most watched foreign movie in 2008.

All details were kept strictly confidential up to the world premiere in New York. Even more sex, glamor, fashion and surprises are waiting for our four friends. The hectic life of the Sex and the City girls in the Big Apple continues and Fun&Fashion is back in the center of the life of the four iconic New Yorkers.

Two years have passed: there is a crisis in the marriage of Carrie and Mr. Big, Samantha struggles against her wrinkles, Charlotte finds it difficult to cope with her two children and mother's role, while Miranda needs to establish a balance between a successful career woman and mother.

It seems that some peace have arrived in the lives of the glamorous ladies. But that appearance is deceptive: the four New Yorkers leave the Big Apple together in Sex and the City 2 to spend a holiday in the turbulent Middle East, in Abu Dhabi. What waits there is not not only a bizarre adventure, but Carrie's ex boyfriend Aiden as well... it is so exciting!

After the romantic end of the first part of the film director Patrick King wanted to show what "and they lived happily ever after" really means.

The problems for Carrie and Big start with - no joke - a new TV, which threatens to destroy the romantic evening in the marital bedroom. But first the proposal to set up two days a week as a "break" from the partner and married life, during which each of them is free to do something with his or her friends, leaves Carrie with a doubt in their relationship. They sell the idea to Samantha, Charlotte and Miranda as the first alternative, non-compliant mainstream marriage between two self-confident partners.

For her two-day experiment, Carrie and her girlfriends flies to Abu Dhabi to spend a holiday in the United Arab Emirates. In Abu Dhabi they experience the magic of a lavish fantasy from "1001 Nights".

Marija got a computer with butterflies from HP

At the premiere of "Sex and the City 2", Hewlett-Packard awarded HP Mini 210 Vivienne Tam Edition computer to Marija Orlić, the winner of the photo competition "ProLEPTIRI se u stilu filma Seks i grad" (Develop into a Butterfly in the style of Sex and the City). Vesna Rakić, the Marketing Manager at HP PC group handed over the computer to Marija. The jur consisted of Vesna Rakić, Vera Nikolić, the editor of the Culture column and website of "Story" magazine, and Nenad Radujević, the Director of fashion studio Click.

The competition has been realized in cooperation with website All interested girls were invited to send photos with their outfits inspired by "Sex and the City". Maria's dress, decorated with a detail shaped as a butterfly, was declared the best. HP Mini 2010 is known for butterflies that decorate its surface, while famous Chinese fairytale "Butterfly Lovers" served as inspiration for its design.

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