Source: Beta | Thursday, 14.01.2021.| 11:10
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Income of Fast-growing Companies in Serbia EUR 19.5 Billion, Exports Amount to EUR 3.4 Billion

Illustration (Photo: Denphumi/
In 2019, the fast-growing companies in Serbia realized an income of EUR 19.5 billion, a profit of EUR 1.17 billion and had exports worth EUR 3.4 billion, as shown by a survey of the project “100 Biggest in Serbia”.

More than 4,000 fast-growing companies in Serbia employ around 200,000 people.

– In the upcoming months, we will try to highlight the positive examples of the fast-growing companies, their strategies and keys to success. Through online panels and discussions, we will try to relay their messages, present positive practices, but also the possibilities and potentials of the further growth of these companies, and with that the Serbian and the regional economy – said the director of the project, Ivana Prvanovic.

As announced, the publication “100 Biggest in Serbia” will be released, presenting for the first time the ranking of the fast-growing companies and an analysis of the industries, with a list of the best companies in each of them.
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