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LiFi – The Future of Wireless Communication

(Photo: Signify)
Internet use is exploding. The global data communication volume is doubling every two years. This is caused by the number of connected devices multiplied by the data consumption of those devices.

However, the radio spectrum does not provide enough room to grow. This manifests in reduced stability and less effective coverage of wireless connectivity as well as slower throughput, frustrating user needs and expectations.

There is also growing concern about security with radio-communication. Radio provides a blanket cover, under which anyone could sneak. Unsecured or ‘open’ networks are an eavesdropper’s paradise. Therefore, the technology keeps evolving producing new ways of connecting in a more secure and faster way.

Signify (Euronext: LIGHT), the world leader in lighting, launched a new range of LiFi systems that includes the world’s fastest and most reliable LiFi systems commercially available.

What is LiFi?

LiFi (short for light fidelity) is wireless communication technology which utilizes light to transmit data. It is a light communication system that is capable of transmitting data at high speeds over the visible light, ultraviolet, and infrared spectrums. In its present state, only LED lamps can be used for the transmission of visible light. In terms of its end use, the technology is similar to WiFi - the key technical difference being that WiFi uses radio frequency to transmit data.

The range, branded Trulifi, instead of radio signals (such as WiFi, 4G/5G, Bluetooth, etc.) uses light waves to enable highly reliable, secure two-way wireless communications at speeds far above most conventional workplace wireless technologies.

Simply put, Trulifi systems modulate light waves to transmit data using a transceiver. Then all you need is a USB access key, which can be plugged into your laptop to receive and send data.

USB access key
USB access key (Photo: Signify)

Unlike other LiFi systems, it works whether the room lights are on, dimmed, or off. So it’s 24/7. Just like your business. It is aimed for use at professional markets, including offices, hospitality, retail, industry and healthcare.

Trulifi uses optical wireless transceiver technology built, or retrofitted, into Philips luminaires. This means customers don’t have to rip and replace their existing lighting infrastructure to receive great quality light and wireless connectivity.

Trulifi overcomes the increasing congestion of the radio spectrum and is perfect for areas where radio frequencies don’t work well, or at all, or are not permitted.

The new range comprises Trulifi-enabled luminaires providing wireless connectivity at speeds up to 150 Megabits per second (Mbps) over large spaces, such as meeting rooms and office floors. There is seamless handover between each Trulifi-enabled luminaire enabling users to roam around.

The speed is fast enough to stream simultaneously 30 1080p HDTV movies.

A USB-access key, plugged into a laptop, is needed to receive the LiFi signal and acts as an emitter to send data back to the luminaire. The Trulifi range also includes a fixed point-to-point system, up to 250 Mbps speed, which acts like a wireless cable, ideal for connecting devices.

Potential applications include connecting robots or machines in radio frequency (RF) harsh environments like industrial plants, or hospitals where RF communications may not be permitted, or where there’s a need to send and receive large data files securely and quickly.

Trulifi application zones

In hotels

In the hospitality space, customer experience is everything. Converting guest delight into loyalty is crucial in a competitive market where customer reviews can be disastrous for a brand. Signify is already creating pockets of excellent connectivity within the hotel world. From secure networks in conference facilities and LiFi zones in lobby areas to fast, secure communications in bedrooms. Trulifi allows guests to enjoy a high-speed, secure connection of up to 200 Mbps that is safely separate from connections in adjoining rooms.

In offices

Several trends in the evolution of business buildings are increasing the demand for better connectivity in the office environment. For real estate owners and developers, Trulifi can potentially increase the value of their property by offering business tenants stable, fast and secure network access alongside their current platform. Coverage for mobile devices is improved. And by integrating this communications capability directly into the lighting system, ceilings remain clutter-free – preserving the aesthetics of the building.

Trulifi is ideal for open-plan office spaces
Trulifi is ideal for open-plan office spaces (Photo: Signify)

Trulifi is ideal for open-plan office spaces, flex-desk areas, and rooms requiring high-speed internet connections for online meetings and the like. Smart hand-over and interference management turn wireless connectivity into a hassle-free experience. And the provision of access keys and strictly defined communications areas ensure absolute security at all times.

In factories
As factory automation evolves along the road to Industry 4.0, digitalization can be seen affecting several business areas. Manufacturing and logistics operators (as well as related businesses) are increasingly in need of real-time data and control. For example, to control smart vehicles.

Trulifi from Signify offers a robust, low latency, and highly stable broadband connection, one that is every bit as good as a wired connection. With up to 250 Mbps connectivity to the backbone of an industrial network, machines up to eight meters away can be controlled faultlessly. This always-on, dedicated connection also ensures seamless handover as well as high-level security. And it can be combined with existing lighting.

“Wherever there’s light, there can now be wireless communication."

For all information about the TruLifi portfolio, please contact Nes communications.
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