Source: Promo | Tuesday, 01.12.2020.| 15:29
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Another Successful Musculus Reference – Parquet Floor Laid Down in a Hall in Istocno Novo Sarajevo

(Photo: Musculus)
The Belgrade-based company Musculus was one of the most important actors in the reconstruction of a sports hall in Istocno Novo Sarajevo.

Musculus laid down a Junckers parquet floor made of solid wood on a BluBat sublayer, certified by FIBA, which gives elasticity to the parquet floor, as well as the characteristics necessary for obtaining European certificates and organizing top ranking basketball tournaments above all, but also other sports. As well as the sublayer, the parquet floor, certainly the healthiest type of flooring for preparations and tournaments, needs to meet all the standards required from it so that it is approved and included on the list of FIBA sports floors.

As Musculus explains, Junckers sport parquet floor has many advantages:

– It comes lacquered from the factory, featuring a five-layer coating on the upper side of the piece and one layer on the lower side;

– A solid wood parquet floor is 22 mm thick and can be planed up to 10 times;

– A Junckers floor has a friction value of 85 (the ratio in changing direction), which allows a professional athlete to stop moving at the rate proscribed by the European certificate EN14904, while avoiding unwanted slipping;

– It is UV-resistant, which guarantees permanence and preservation of color over time;

– The “ball bounce” is 98%, above the proscribed 90%, which means that the ball bounces off any spot on the floor in line with the producer’s specifications and the FIBA standard;

– A floor which meets the EN14904 standard demands of shock absorption is a very important characteristic of a sports floor and it is very important for all professional athletes.

– The vertical deformation of the parquet floor and its ability to withstand great weights of rolling loads are the characteristics that the floors in great halls such as the one in Istocno Novo Sarajevo must have, since mobile basketball structures can weigh up to 1,500 kg. Their moving across the floor must be secured so that the sublayer and the parquet can withstand the loads.

Musculus says that not even the great pandemic, which has affected everyone, could stop the completion of the hall.

– As the parquet floor has been installed in line with the highest standards, the next in line is to equip the hall. This hall will host some of the most important tournaments. The Slavija basketball club is supposed to play here as a host. The hoops are of the famous Italian Sport System brand, which also has a FIBA certificate, so that the hall is ready for the great matches that await it. We have also equipped the hall with professional IHF handball goals, a volleyball set and a scoreboard. We expect to continue the good cooperation and hope to equip this beautiful hall for other sports as well – the company told eKapija.

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