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Working Group for Subway Project to be Formed Next Week – Memorandum of Understanding in January 2021?

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Serbian Finance Minister Sinisa Mali has talked with representatives of the French company Alstom about the construction of the Belgrade subway and announced that the Memorandum of Understanding, which would formalize the cooperation of the French and the Chinese sides in this project, might be signed in January 2021.

The talks immediately followed the signing of the Agreement on Cooperation in Executing Priority Projects in Serbia, which Mali signed with French Foreign Trade Minister Franck Riester in the presence of Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic, the ministry announced.

After the memorandum is signed, the plan is for the Serbian side to visit the French company Alstom and to learn about the proposed design of the subway cars, the construction of which should then begin as soon as possible.

As Mali pointed out, the works on Makisko Polje should begin by the end of the next year.

It was also agreed for the working group for the subway to be formed at the government’s session the next week. The group is supposed to coordinate all the activities on the realization of this project.

According to the current agreements, the French side will be in charge of the electromechanical works, and the Chinese side will be carrying out the construction works, the announcement says.

The French company Egis is currently preparing the feasibility study, and the study which envisages the first line of the Belgrade Subway from Makisko Polje to Mirijevo and the second from Mirijevo to Zemun was done earlier.

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