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Katarina Radovanovic, Prosound Conference Systems – Is live stream an adequate replacement for events?

Katarina Radovanovic
Katarina Radovanovic (Photo: Marija Piroški)
In the light of the “new normal” caused by Covid-19, many companies have found alternative ways of maintaining their business and achieving their mission.

Prosound Conference Systems is one of the leaders in providing full solutions for event organization. Katarina Radovanovic, the director of the event sector, explains how Prosound is facing the challenges of the pandemic and what is currently in focus.

– Event industry, which our company belongs to, is very jeopardized by the new situation. In our field of work, you must count on potential risks and always be ready for Plan B. We have been taught to find alternative solutions with a cool head, so we have approached this situation accordingly – Katarina says.

– Having predicted that the market would change due to coronavirus and that market demands would change accordingly, we went through a whole range of training processes and organized a new form of production: a live stream event – she adds.

Radovanovic adds that this is a very efficient solution when it comes to the client's event organization needs.

When asked to what extent events are even being organized at the moment, Radovanovic says that events in Serbia have been reduced to a minimum and that they are subject to strict adherence to the proscribed measures and restrictions when it comes to the number of participants. She adds that, regardless of the fact that a certain number of events are being held, we can't talk about high-budget events the kinds of which are held when the situation is normal.

– Switching to live stream is something that we will accept gradually if we want to continue organizing larger “gatherings”. What our company offers to the market is a full realization of live stream events which allow a large number of people to participate in a safe way. Said solutions entail the direction with the most modern streaming systems, full technical equipment of the latest generation and production team and organization – Katarina says.

Prosound Conference Systems team
Prosound Conference Systems team (Photo: Marija Piroški)

When asked whether she has advice for colleagues and associates, Katarina says that the best solution is for the employees in the event industry to take initiative and to offer their clients the option of virtual connection and following of events.

– Our task is to explain to our clients that this way is, above all, the most secure and that, in an operating sense, nothing is lost. I believe that, at the moment, live streams are the only way for us to survive in the market as a profession. That is why our main task is to remain united, which means that, by complying with the proscribed measures, we should preserve both our health and the event industry – Radovanovic concludes.

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