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What the Makisko Polje Subway Plan Entails – Aboveground-underground Route of Line 1, Four Stations, Construction of Main Depot and Park&Ride

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The Detailed Regulation Plan of a part of Makisko Polje envisages, among other things, the construction of the planned route of the subway line 1, with two aboveground and two underground stations, as well the construction of a main depot.

The area covered by the plan is around 682 ha, and public purpose areas are planned on it: traffic routes, areas for infrastructural facilities and complexes, utility areas and facilities, green areas, forests, water areas, public service building and complex areas and areas for sports facilities and complexes.

Other purpose areas are planned as well, which entail: residential areas, mixed city centers, commercial feature areas, areas for business zones and areas for religious buildings and complexes.

Subway traffic

The area covered by the plan features a part of the planned route of the subway line 1 (Zeleznik-Mirijevo, section 1: Zeleznik Pozeska Street), with two aboveground stations (Zeleznik and Makis) and two underground stations (Zarkovo and Bele Vode). The plan is for the initial part of the route to be built above ground, while, from the Makis station, the route is to be traced on a shallow underground level.

The subway's main depot is planned along the route of the subway line 1, from Bore Stankovica Street to the Makis station.

Conditions for the construction of the subway route

The area covered by the plan includes the planned subway line 1 corridor, that is, an area for two tracks of a width of 1,435 mm, with a distance between the two axes of 4 m and a protective belt of at least 3 m from the outer edge of the track.

The platform areas should be planned with a width of 4 m and a rough length of 120 m.

The rough proportions of the zone of an aboveground subway station are 120 by 35 meters. The area can be increased if there's a need for it during the further development of the subway system. A station can contain commercial features (commerce and hospitality).

The rough proportions of the zone of an underground subway station are 120 by 35 meters. The area can be increased if there's a need for it during the further development of the subway system. Public transport stations along the subway corridor will be built with the accompanying features (ticket booths, sanitary installations, offices, technical rooms) and horizontal and vertical connections. A station can contain commercial features (commerce and hospitality).

According to the design from the General Project for lines 1 and 2, the main depot is to be located in Makis, right next to the classification yard, and to be equipped and designed for the maintenance of the entire rolling stock and as a garage for line 1. The total area of the depot is around 40 ha.

The depot project should enable: daily, preventive and corrective maintenance of transportation vehicles, the maintenance of infrastructure, the parking of transportation vehicles, the supervision of the operating network and the testing of transportation vehicles.

In order to fulfill these functions, the depot should contain: a servicing station, a facility for the washing of trains, a facility for the maintenance of trains, a fixed maintenance workshop, parking maneuvering routes, administrative facilities, a car parking area, road access for cars and trucks (for the delivery of the goods necessary for the maintenance, the work control center and a test track.

Planned area purpose (Photo: Grad Beograd/ Urbanistički zavod Beograda)

BG Voz

The plan covers a part of the route of the planned two-track railway within the BG Voz system – section Makis-Beograd Ranzirna B-Ostruznica. The planned railway is to go parallel with the existing route Beograd Ranzirna B-Ostruznica.

The conditions for the construction of a railway for BG Voz entail the planning of routes parallel with the railway's corridor so that the distance between the railway and the traffic route is such that it can accommodate all the devices and facilities necessary for the rail and the road traffic.

Also, at the terminal of the planned line 3 of BG Voz, Makis Railway Station, the crossing with line 1 of the subway system is planned.


The necessary number of parking spaces within the parcels needs to be planned for the envisaged features. The provision of the necessary number of parking spaces within the accompanying parcel is planned for all new facilities, except for the preschool institution buildings, where the parking spaces are to be located outside the complex, as well as for a part of the parking needs for elementary and secondary schools.


Within the are covered by the plan, cycling lanes are planned in all the existing and planned streets, except in the Sava Main Road area. The width of a one-way cycling lane is 1.5 meters.

The cycling routes should be planned so that, in the zones of the public transport stops, they pass exclusively behind the platforms.

Public parking – Park&Ride

Public parking – Park&Ride, is planned in Block 97, and access is provided through the Nova 35 route.

The minimum proportions of a parking space are 2.3 by 5 meters for straight and angled parking and 2 by 5.5 meters for parallel parking.

The plan developer is the Urban Planning Institute of Belgrade, and the public review lasts until November 27, 2020.

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