Source: Ist media | Friday, 18.09.2020.| 10:25
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Zijin ceases operations in Bor Smelting Complex due to pollution – Technical reconstruction of complex announced

Illustration (Photo: Zhao jian kang/shutterstock)
Serbia Zijin Copper company has decided to cease all operation in the Copper Smelting Complex and to start the general overhaul which was previously scheduled for November. The decision was made after the equipment malfunctioned several days ago and flue-gas emission increased, negatively impacting air quality in Bor, the company stated.

The company regrets the unpredictable outcome. The conducted testing confirmed that the excess emissions were cause by damages on already old equipment, the official statement says. The company pointed out that the disadvantageous location of the smelting plant in the valley contributes to increased pollution.

The company will examine all equipment parts and will proceed with solving all the problems that are discovered. This will prevent the leak of flue gas when the activities are resumed and increase the efficiency of sulfur dioxide, the company stated.

The company emphasized that it was “seriously dedicated to environmental protection”, regardless of the fact that excessive emission of flue gas was an inherited problem, present in the smelting complex for a long time.

Considering the age of the existing facilities, the company stated that they need to carry out a “complete technical reconstruction and partial construction of new features in the Smelting complex, with focus on flue gas leakage prevention and desulphurization systems.

Because of this, after the company takeover,the new owner decided to prioritize investing in the Smelting complex with the total worth of investment amounting to EUR 265 million.

The company pointed out that it planned to complete the technical reconstruction of the smelting complex by the end of December 2022. It will primarily concentrate on finishing the flue gas leakage prevention and desulphurization systems by the end of December 2021, providing the relevant authorities issue all the necessary construction and other permits beforehand.
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