Real estate industry is changing – Belgrade Waterfront brings new trends to Serbia

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Nikola Nedeljkovic, General Manager of Belgrade Waterfront (Photo: Belgrade Waterfront)Nikola Nedeljkovic, General Manager of  Belgrade Waterfront
The world of real estate is extremely dynamic and it is always in progress in global and local markets. The trends that so far could only be seen in world capitals are now coming to Serbia. The largest construction project in Belgrade`s history – Belgrade Waterfront brings with it significant changes and innovations for the entire region. The market is richer with a new mixed-use settlement that, according to many, can already match the urban districts of the well-known world capitals.

Technological innovations transform the market with Belgrade Waterfront leading the way

Modern technologies in the real estate business offer a world of possibilities to potential residents – from being able to access your future home in the virtual world to keeping track of construction of your building on a daily basis through live cameras on the site. The good news is that these trends are starting to make their way to the local market. Belgrade Waterfront company leads the way in that area, while their clients can experience an unprecedented shopping experience.

– Major players in the business have to pay attention to market needs. If the potential buyers of Belgrade Waterfront apartments want to have a glimpse into their future life on the Sava River bank, we will make that happen. This is why we have made serious investments into latest technologies – touch screens in our Sales centers display the entire project and individual buildings. Through VR technology, buyers can enter apartments or walk the streets that are yet to be opened for traffic, notes Nikola Nedeljkovic, the General Manager of the Belgrade Waterfront. He added that they had recently equipped their Sales center on Sava Promenade with the innovative Experience room that elevates shopping standards to a higher level. Through simulations, buyers can explore the apartments, walk around the rooms just like in real life and even steer a boat down the river using an Ipad. This experience is complemented by realistic sounds of the waves giving you a taste of life on the river.

(Photo: Belgrade Waterfront)
The fact that the company website was awarded at the prestigious European Property Awards last year speaks to its commitment to technological innovations and the quality of its online presence.

Profit on the horizon – Why Belgrade Waterfront is the perfect investment destination

Before you decide to make an investment, first think about the strong points that will increase profit. If you plan smart, you know that real estate investment has to have several characteristics – the location, the view, attractive features close by and functionality. When you invest is also crucial.

Estimates show that the upcoming opening of Galerija Belgrade shopping center, and then Kula Belgrade, the future symbol of Serbian capital, soon after will ensure the upward trend of value of real estate in Belgrade Waterfront.

– The experts say that the value of nearby property will grow because there is a strong demand for apartments close to shopping centers and city landmarks. Our experience so far tells us that many buyers want to have their workplace and entertainment venues within reach, Nedeljkovic points out.

Galerija Belgrade – competitive shopping center attractive to customers and tenants

Shopping centers aren`t just places where a great number of city dwellers like to spend their free time at, they are a major economic factor, on the macro level when it comes to the region and on micro level too, regarding the construction and retail sectors of a country.

Galerija Belgrade isn`t just another shopping center – it`s the the biggest shopping, entertainment and gourmet destination in the region which will move the limits of visitors` user experience, Nedeljkovic says.

A carefully balanced mix of more than 300 local and international brands that will be presented in their premium versions, combined with unique gastronomic offer and unprecedented entertainment for all generations, will position Galerija Belgrade as an unavoidable shopping destination in the Balkans, which will undoubtedly improve the general tourist offer of Belgrade and strengthen its economy.

Galerija Belgrade (Photo: Belgrade Waterfront)Galerija Belgrade
– We put technological innovation in service of improving user experience on this project too. We will introduce “My Belgrade” mobile app through which our loyalty programme members will receive many benefits – from collecting rewards points for future purchases to digital coupons that visitors can use in restaurants and cafes in the shopping center, Nedeljkovic said. He added that apart from visitors, loyalty programme would benefit tenants as well. The technology will enable them to get to know their customers profiles and accordingly create personalized offers.

In addition to that, the company will offer innovative, personalized solutions in other areas to make the shopping experience more convenient. For instance, smart parking application will navigate visitors to free parking spots and and then help them tfind their cars after they are done shopping.

Many buyers want a family home – what does this mean for the real estate sector?

– You have to know your customers. Belgrade Waterfront often attracts families, people who want to live in a multipurpose environment, close to kindergartens, schools, parks, playgrounds, shopping centers like Galerija Belgrade and in the vicinity of their workplaces. That`s why we also offer spacious apartments ideal for families, both in structure and in nearby features, Nedeljkovic says and adds that the company pays attention to both younger and older millennials as family members that also have a say in choosing the right apartment.

And what is the easiest way to recognize millennials? It`s simple – they can`t wait to post a photo of their new place on social media. They can`t stop looking at their phones and must have all relevant information at the tip of their fingers. Generation X isn`t that much different either. According to Nedeljkovic, most buyers search for potential property online, while smaller percentageof customers directly contacts real estate agents first.

(Photo: Belgrade Waterfront)
Living like you`re in a hotel – Why they say New York is coming to Belgrade

As Belgrade Waterfront keeps introducing world trends, Belgrade will for sure get a unique blend of historic heritage and New York vibe.

– We are the first company in Serbia to introduce famous global hotel and residential St.Regis brand which will open one of its hotels in Belgrade Waterfront, offering first branded residences in this part of Europe, Nedeljkovic says. The arrival of the prestigious brand, which has recognized the potential Belgrade Waterfront has will greatly improve the tourist offer in Belgrade and significantly impact the economy in general.

– As many as 220 unique brand residences will be situated in the tallest building in Serbia and in the region, the spectacular Kula Belgrade. The residents can expect a noteworthy living experience and limitless service, including a spa center, sauna and massage room, a butler and a concierge service – a novelty on the local market, available only in Belgrade Waterfront, he added.

Sava Park (Photo: Belgrade Waterfront)Sava Park
Attractive property is ok, but advanced features are crucial. Why?

Investors are well aware that people want to live, go to work and do their shopping in one place.

– This is a trend we cannot ignore. Not only because it`s popular, but because it`s a great concept that makes day-to-day life much easier. In the 21st century, life has become so fast that we have to find ways to manage time better, for our residents and all Belgrade Waterfront visitors, Nedeljkovic explained.

Belgrade Waterfront changes the current and sets new residence standards in Serbia, bringing with it improved features to the living environment – the most modern park in the city, the largest shopping center in the region, contemporary office space, wealth of activities for all generations in Sava Promenade and other features.

– We looked at ourselves first, wondering what our day-to-day needs were. That`s how we got our answer. Proximity to the river, a promenade, running tracks and cycling lanes, new roads, contemporary public areas and green spaces, restaurants,cafes and other features are there for our residents and visitors. Whether we are talking about business people, young professional, our diaspora, families or foreigners, we thought of everyone`s needs and did our best to include them in Belgrade Waterfront, Nikola Nedeljkovic concludes.

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