Source: Startit | Thursday, 10.09.2020.| 08:55
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Open competition for internet provider to expand the internet network in rural parts of Serbia

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Around 125,000 homes in Serbia do not have fixed internet connection. In the next few days, The Ministry of Trade, Tourism and Telecommunications will publish a call for an open competition for operators that will , together with the Ministry, work on setting up communication infrastructure in rural parts of the country where there is no fixed connection to the internet, Startit Dnevnik portal reports.

The planned expansion of internet network should provide fast internet for 90,000 homes more in rural areas as well as enable public purpose facilities, entailing at least 600 schools, and public institutions, local communities and other state and local self-government organs to be connected to the internet.

The initiative to expand the internet network followed the analysis of internet availability and mapping out the areas that lack fixed internet access, carried out by the said Ministry during 2017 and 2018 together with European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD). The results have shown that around 5% of households or around 125,000 homes lack fixed internet connection.

Per earlier announcements, the first phase of the project, stated for the start of 2021, includes the construction of the infrastructure that enables access to fast internet. The future operator will be obliged to provide the service of internet access without compensation, at no less than 100 Mbps in a public purpose facility and to make the new generation broadband service available to no less than 95% of the households in a given place.

According to the Statistical Office of the Republic of Serbia, 73.1 households in Serbia own a computer while 80.1% has internet access

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