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Vendor Lever – Smart Solution for Extending Life Cycle of Old Vending Machines

(Photo: Tele Go/Nemanja Pucarević)
Statistics show that over half a billion cups of coffee dispensed by vending machines are consumed each day in the world. In order to meet the rising demand, vending machine operators need to modernize and optimize their operations. This entails a more efficient management, keeping an inventory, but also improving user experience. One of the obvious solutions is the purchase of new, modern, but expensive machines, while the old ones are becoming electronic waste.

In order to avoid and postpone this, the company Tele Go, a member of the Science-Technology Park of Belgrade, has developed a hardware and software solution whereby old models of vending machines are upgraded into “Smart Vending Machines”. This is done by implementing hardware and software components into old models of vending machines, equipping them with smart (advanced) functionalities.

– The machine's door, featuring a modern design with a touch screen is mounted on the existing machine, so as to give it a more attractive and modern look. A hardware component, which is the brain of the Vendor Lever solutions and which, with a specific software app, connects the mechanism of the old machine with the new door, the touch screen and other components of the solution – says Andrijana Mihajlovic, the project development manager.

In addition to said functionalities, the options include telemetry, mobile apps for servicing and software for business operations management. The telemetry allows for the current state of the machine to be read out, along with the information about the quantities of the ingredients for the drinks. For those who service the machines, this information is available through a mobile app specially designed for this purpose. Furthermore, Vendor Lever has also developed the Business Management System, which provides data on maintenance and sales. All these options are separated, so the operator can choose what they want to be implemented.

– There's also a plan to develop a mobile app for end-users (purchasers of the products from vending machines). This app will enable the user to find a nearby machine and order and purchase a drink through the app itself – Andrijana Mihajlovic says.

Vendor Lever is a solution that is constantly being upgraded through interaction with the clients. That is why the team of the Tele Go company is open to cooperating with partners and investors who see the potential for further development and commercialization of this kind of solution in the vending industry.

Milica Banovic
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