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Wholesalers and Commercialists Get Reliable Software That Saves Time and Automates Sale Process

(Photo: B2Bee/Luka Radovanović)
Within the Science-Technology Park Belgrade, the company B2Bee has developed software which facilitates operations for wholesalers and commericalists on site. It is a kind of a communication channel between wholesalers and their customers (whether it's a B2B portal, on-site sale or B2C sale to end-users).

Luka Radovanovic, the operating director of B2Bee, says that the applications that the team is working on facilitate, automate and systematize everyday sales processes. The apps are constantly communicating with the ERP system of the user, from which they gather the necessary information in real time, presenting them to sellers and buyers in line with precise parameters. With the ERP system, the communication is two-way. ERP producers have thereby enabled B2Bee services to register orders, change the status of a document, reserve goods and many other things that this platform enables.

– The software entails the usage of information in real time. The communication with the on-site sales channel and end-customers is something that happens in an instant. For example, changes made to the status of the documents (reservation of goods, setting aside, sending) and notifications about the status of an order are automatically sent to the purchasers and the commercial department. This way, the flow of information is automated and the non-productive, slow part of the work, which needs to be done when the information about the stock or the status of the shipment is not immediately available, is reduced – Radovanovic explains.

The series of software solutions developed by B2Bee is the result of a comprehensive market analysis and the needs of wholesalers and commercialists and the consumers themselves. B2B Manager and B2B Seller apps are developed to save time, accelerate the sales and reduce the number of missed sales.

– B2B online solutions are a rarity in Serbia and are usually custom-made, which takes a lot of time and money. However, most traders now recognize them as a need and an advantage over the competition, especially during and after the COVID crisis. We can also say that there is no systematic approach to a B2B solutions in Serbia and the region as is the case here – Radovanovic says.

Most clients of B2Bee are small and medium enterprises, so these advanced tools will have market prices, which will be charged through monthly licenses.

B2Bee now has 12 employees, led by an experienced team led by CEO Denis Radovanovic, who has more than 20 years of experience in entrepreneurship and design of complex e-business systems, CTO Dejan Jeremic, a software engineer with 15 years of experience in the industry, and Luka Radovanovic, the company's operating director with 12 years of experience in software development and management of demanding e-business clients.

Milica Banovic
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