Source: Nezavisne novine | Sunday, 09.08.2020.| 10:16
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Bridge on the Raca and Highway to Bijeljina to be Completed in 2022

Illustration (Photo: Lev Kropotov/
The Minister of Communications and Transport at the Council of Ministers, Vojin Mitrovic, visited the location where the new bridge and border crossing are to be built on the Raca, between BiH and Serbia, the Ministry of Transport and Communications announced.

Mitrovic pointed out that the works on the bridge and the highway to Bijeljina, 17 kilometers long, would be completed in 2022.

In addition to the Raca border crossing, the new border crossing Svilaj is under construction as well and should be finished by March 1, 2021.

The opening of the temporary border crossing Svilaj for passengers and cars would help avoid additional costs of protection, preservation and maintenance of the bridge itself and also prevent illegal crossing of the border.

When it comes to other infrastructure project that the ministry is in charge of, it's important to mention the construction of the border crossing Bratoljub on the bridge in Bratunac, which, according to the current information, should be completed before the deadline, whereas the construction of Corridor 5C is going as planned.
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