Source: Promo | Tuesday, 04.08.2020.| 11:41
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Ho to properly install a hydro-insulation systems and set up ceramic tiles in a bathroom

(Photo: Bekament)
Bathrooms, kitchens, cellars, balconies and roofs are among the most sensitive parts of the living space, due to frequent moisture and mold, which has a negative impact on the appearance of these spaces and the health of the people staying there.

Because of this, whether we are building a new facility or solving the issue of hydro-insulation in a facility that is already in use, choosing the right systemic solution is of key importance.

Bekament has developed the HYDRO CERAMIC BATHROOM systemic solution for hydro-insulation and the setting up of ceramic tiles in a bathroom, which is of high quality, reliable, durable and economical.

Recognizing the importance and the benefits of a proper installation of a given system, Bekament has prepared content-packed educational video material which explains the process of implementation and the importance of this solution in a clear, precise and concrete way.

The tutorial provides new knowledge about the procedure of professional application of each individual component of a systemic solution, that is, the products from the HYDRO CERAMIC program, as well as the tools used in the process.

The video material shows everything about the process of a proper application of the universal base and high-quality hydro-insulation coating, the use of hydro-insulation tape, the use of a flexible adhesive for ceramics and the application of a water-proof joint compound mass and the silicone mass resistant to the development of mold.

When the space/bathroom is secured from the penetration of water and moisture in the long term, the equipping and the adaptation to one's own needs and tastes can start.
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