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Buddha-Bar Gastronomic Tuna Journey from August 3-9

(Photo: Buddha-Bar Beograd)
During summer’s primetime days, from August 3-9, Buddha-Bar Beograd restaurant is taking you on a true summer gastronomic journey. This journey is dedicated to tuna specialties.

What sets Beddha-Bar apart is its offer of fresh tuna, mostly of over 70 kg, that comes to the restaurant within 24 hours of being caught, which means it preserves all the things making it one of the healthiest fish.

In order to preserve all the characteristics and nutrients, Buddha-Bar tuna dishes, the famous Royal Tuna, Tuna Tartare, seared tuna and Tuna Tiradito, are prepared from fresh fish.
(Photo: Buddha-Bar Beograd)

Directly from the sea, various combinations of flavors inspired by fresh tuna are served on your plate, making for a true seaside experience.

Your journey can begin with a careful selection of appetizers or sushi dishes. The extraordinary combination of tuna and foie gras is deservedly called Royal Tuna and is a unique dish on the gastronomic map of the capital of Serbia.

And then, as the main attractions of the journey, there are Nikkei and Dashi Tuna Steak, a not-to-be-missed recommendation from the chef.

As Buddha-Bar's menu consists of rich flavors from various cultures, through the eclecticism of the aromas of the Pacific, China, Japan, Thailand and other Asian influences, the tuna journey is influenced by Asia as well.
(Photo: Buddha-Bar Beograd)

Invite your friends and your loved ones and share with them moments of top-quality hedonism. With a quality selection of wines, a view to the sunsets above the river and the unique, seductive Buddha-Bar music, all your senses will be stimulated.

Wake up all your senses this summer through a culinary tuna journey.
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