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Serbia to Buy Chinese Anti-aircraft Missile System with a 100-km Range

Older anti-aircraft system S-125 Neva (Photo: Aleksandar Parezanović)
The Serbian Armed Forces will get the Chinese-produced FK-3 anti-aircraft missile system, as reported by the specialized portal Balkanska bezbedonosna mreza (Balkan Security Network).

As said, the procurement has already been agreed and paid for, “as can be seen from a careful reading of the annual business report of the PE Jugoimport-SDPR for 2019, where one paragraph states that importing contracts worth a total of USD 620.3 million have been signed, and that the biggest among them is the procurement of the FK-3 anti-aircraft system”.

Other valuable contracts include the modernization of MiG-29 jet fighters, which pertains to the integration of additional avionics, including the modification of radars and new air-to-air and ground-to-air missiles, the procurement of French light transport systems Mistral 3 and missiles and Chinese unmanned aircraft CH-92A, which were presented publicly on July 4 at the Batajnica Airport. The realization of other contracts is in progress.

The Chinese FK-3 was first mentioned in the media two years ago as a system for modernization of the territorial anti-aircraft defense of Serbia.

The article adds that the procurement of this system, in a way, is an indirect fulfillment of the wish of a major part of the public to get the Russian system S-300, as the Chinese designed FK-3 missiles based on the solutions for various Russian missiles, which they got when they bought S-300 in the 1990s.

– For the Chinese military industry, the export of anti-aircraft systems to Serbia is a very valuable penetration of a whole new market, because, so far, Chinese systems of medium and far range have only been used by China's allies in Asia – the portal writes.

Within the 250th Territorial Defense Anti-aircraft Missile Brigade, the Serbian Armed Forces have five divisions of Neva and Kub missile systems and a Pancir S-1 battery, recently bought from Russia. Two Neva division systems and the Pancir battery are in charge of defense of Belgrade, whereas Nis, Novi Sad and Kragujevac have one Kub division system each.
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