Source: eKapija | Tuesday, 28.07.2020.| 14:44
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Avala Studios: Kosutnjak Forest to Remain Intact

Avala Film Park, map (Photo: Avala Studios)
The forest in the location used by AvalaStudios, where the Avala Film Park is to be built, will not be cut down, the company announced.

– The area belonging to Avala Studios takes up around 40 hectares, of which quality forest covers 7 hectares. This forest will remain intact, and after the lanes, benches and side features are built, all citizens of Belgrade will be able to enjoy this new oasis – pointed out Peter Dajko, the CEO of Avala Studios, adding that all the other valuable trees in the area would be registered and preserved.

The company once again notes that the space belonging to Avala Studios is not part of the Kosutnjak Park, which is in public use.

– Due to decades of neglect, this area, which stretches from Kneza Viseslava Street down to Cerak and Zarkovo, is in a very bad condition. It has long since featured facilities of RTS, the Yugoslav Film Archive, Avala Film, a fire station, even an illegal concrete base which has been polluting the environment for around twenty years now. The built facilities are either entirely dilapidated or in a very bad condition, and most of the area is covered with wild shrubbery and weeds. Two large puddles have been present here for a long time as well, and are a source of potential infection and a gathering place for mosquitoes, and only packs of stray dogs roam the majority of this area – Dajko said.

The Avala Studios company intends to build state-of-the-art film studios in this space in an attempt to attract big world productions, a residential neighborhood, an elementary school, kindergartens and public-use sports facilities. The author of the project is world-renowned and much-awarded architect Stanislav Fiala. Avala Studios will invest more than EUR 600 million in this project.
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