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Avoid Post-pandemic Spending – How to Save Money After Coronavirus

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The coronavirus pandemic has damaged many households financially, but also taught some people to save money.

As people started to move less, they also spent less, which helped them save money.

Financial advisor Lacey Langford points out that now is the time to learn how to manage our finances and that we should keep doing so even when the pandemic ends.

Let saving become an integral part of your life

If you have organized your life during the pandemic so as to skip expensive lunches and dinners at restaurants and reduced shopping and travel to a minimum, why not keep living the same way? “If you have adjusted your life in a way that saves you money and you're happy with the way things are going, consider it a lifestyle change,” Langford points out.

Analyze your costs and try to differentiate between the necessary and the less important ones. Write down how much you spend on the rent or the mortgage and on utility services and then put next to it the things that are not necessary existential costs. Compare those costs and see how much you've saved in these few months by avoiding spending on less important things.

Devise a saving plan

Save money with a goal in mind and cultivate good saving habits. If there is no point in saving, you will spend money more easily. When there's a goal, you will stop to think several times before spending your money.

Avoid the “I deserve it” mentality

After saving on everything for months, even on small pleasures, try to avoid adopting the “I deserve it” mentality. When the shopping centers reopen, many will want to lift their mood, which will put them in danger of spending more than they can afford.

To avoid post-pandemic spending, Langford suggest to define your budget in detail, with precise sums to be spent on clothes, footwear, restaurants and other things. Don't go over the set limit.
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