Source: B92 | Monday, 20.07.2020.| 11:01
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World's Fastest Charger in the Pipeline – Battery Topped Out in 20 Minutes

(Photo: IRFAN)
It's becoming a luxury nowadays having a mobile phone whose battery is not drained within a single day. Things being what they are, the only thing we can hope for is that we will be able to charge our devices more quickly. The strength of the chargers is a major field of current innovations, and it seems the boundaries have been pushed once again.

Oppo has announced the launching a charger of 125 W, called “Oppo 125W Flash Charge”.

They claim that a battery of 4,000 mAh could be charged up to 41% within five minutes and up to 100% within 20 minutes.

This is probably the fastest charging technology in the market and it is down to two factors: 20-V voltage and 6.25-a amperage.

They announce that it all involves an additional 10 sensors monitoring the temperature and the charging status, all of which will be compatible with a Type-C connector.
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