Source: Startit | Friday, 10.07.2020.| 11:35
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Penalty of up to RSD 1 Million for Employers That Don't Adopt a Plan of Implementation of Counter-epidemic Measures

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The Rulebook which comes into effect on July 11 gives employers 30 days to adopt a plan of implementation of measures for preventing the occurrence and spreading of infectious diseases. The plan is “an integral part of the act on the assessment of risk, which is adopted in line with the laws and regulations in the field of workplace health and safety”.

The employer is also obliged to follow the decisions of the competent organs during the epidemic and harmonize their operations with those decisions. The Rulebook proscribes that the plan must contain:

1) preventive measures and activities to stop the occurrence of an epidemic of an infectious disease;

2) obligation of implementation and control of implementation of preventive measures and activities;

3) measures and activities in case of an infectious disease epidemic.

The three items are developed in detail in the act, and the employer must also designate persons responsible for the monitoring and control of the implementation of those measures. The check of the efficiency of the implementation of these measures is done by a person in charge of workplace health and safety, whose obligations are also defined by the act.

Employees subject to obligations and potential penalties as well

As for the employees' obligations, they should carry out preventive measures, spend the protective resources adequately, take additional care of personal hygiene, not keep their clothes next to the protective products and equipment, notify the employer if they, their family members or fellow employees start feeling the symptoms and notify the employer of the irregularities they notice.

The Rulebook itself does not proscribe penalties, but they are defined by the Law on Workplace Health and Safety. It proscribes a penalty of 800,000 to 1,000,000 dinars if “the risk assessment act is not amended each time a new danger appears and the consequent change of work process risk level occurs”. For employees who fail to comply with the measures, the penalties range from 10,000 to 20,000 dinars.

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