Source: Promo | Thursday, 02.07.2020.| 13:25
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CTP Invest Officially Certifies Entire Portfolio With BREEAM Certificate of Energy Efficiency and Long-Term Sustainability

(Photo: CTP)
The Dutch company CTP Invest has been operating in the Serbian market for two and a half years now, during which it has managed to build over 70,000 square meters of A-class premium industrial space, whereas, with the facilities currently under construction, they will have a total of 9 facilities with over 180,000 square meters.

All four CTParks: CTPark Belgrade North, CTPark Belgrade West, CTPark Kragujevac and CTPark Novi Sad are in very attractive locations and are certified with BREEAM certificates with high ratings when it comes to energy efficiency and sustainability.

CTP is currently the only company in Serbia to certify its entire portfolio with the BREEAM certificate, and, in addition to Serbia, CTP will certify all the 5.5 million square meters of its portfolio by the end of the year, on the group level, throughout Central and Eastern Europe.

BREEAM (Building Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Methodology) is one of the most important ranking systems for green buildings, established back in 1990 in Great Britain. However, the BREEAM standard has expanded over the years and is now implemented in North and South America, Asia, Europe, Australia and partly in Africa. The BREEAM ranking system uses recognized and defined criteria for assessment of technical characteristics, design, construction and use of a facility. They include aspects concerning energy, the use of waters, the interior, pollution, transport, materials, waste, ecology and management process.

All CTP Invest's facilities which had applied for the BREEAM certificate were rated for energy (consumption of energy and emission of carbon-dioxide), management, health and interior (noise, light, internal parameters which affect the quality of life), transport (emission of carbon dioxide), water (use and efficiency), materials (the impact of building materials on the environment, emission of carbon dioxide, life cycle), waste (minimization of waste, efficient use of resources in construction), the purpose of the land, pollution (environmental impact) and ecology (location improvement, ecological value).

CTP says that all their clients, that is, tenants, require more efficient and sustainable facilities, especially during the periods when the price of energy is growing, and that the duty of CTP is to implement programs for the reduction of the consumption of energy, improvement of technology, improvement of building standards through the latest energy efficiency technologies, investments in greenery at CTParks and investments in technologies which increase the efficiency of the facilities.

Furthermore, CTP says that, by making this step, they wanted to reaffirm their orientation to building “green” and ecologically sustainable facilities, which is very important for the future of construction and the environment.

Since CTP facilities entail very high standards regarding the process and method of construction, the technologies and materials used – CTP Invest has successfully started and completed the process of BREEAM certification of its facilities as the next step in proving the importance of energy efficiency and environmental sustainability.
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