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eKapija's Anniversary: 15 Years of Operations as Another New Beginning

Towards the end of the coronavirus epidemic, which has disturbed our lives for a short period of time, eKapija wants to inform its readers of something important: the portal is celebrating its 15th anniversary. This occasion for celebration happened in these difficult times, but eKapija has already survived the dissolution of a state (2006) and a global economic crash (2008). That is why we are not approaching this anniversary as an end, but looking ahead optimistically. We are experienced and we have proven in practice that the old saying that the night is the darkest before dawn is true.

During the state of emergency, all the key parameters of readership and access to the eKapija portal grew. When it all started so suddenly, we didn't know it would be like that. Our intention was to remain on the side of the economy and represent its interests in a great crisis. Although the primary concern for everyone was health, it is clear that, without the modern society, which is the result of several phases of industrialization, human life would not be as long as it is now, nor would there be as many people on Earth.

That is why we're sticking with our economy and sharing its fate.

As soon as the struggle with the invisible and unknown enemy began, eKapija launched its anti-corona campaign. The question we asked first was: What will happen with the economy? What will the state do to help? The state did react, and we did ask and keep asking whether it did so in a good way and to the extent necessary. We still want to hear from you, telling us about your complaints and recommendations. We are open to you: call us and write. We will keep calling you too. Please, don't hold against us our journalistic curiosity and the efforts of our commercial department to work with you to find the best formula for a business relation.

In the meantime, let us tell you in brief what we've accomplished in the first 15 years.

From the journalistic aspect, let's start with the freshest and the most current. Although it has always been our attitude that business knows no borders, from the first months of the current year and the launching of a separate service in Montenegro, along with the existing ones for Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina, eKapija can boast the status of a regional business service. As the saying goes, three's company. With our closest neighbors, our three base countries contain a critical mass of information and business interests, which bring a new quality – the ability to follow trends and business opportunities in our part of Europe. The synergy has already produced results: even before the coronavirus crisis, all our key parameters of readership and the number of subscribers have recorded growth.

eKapija connects business people and opens business opportunities for them (Photo: shutterstock/Arthimedes)
To around 20,000 users in 3,565 companies, eKapija has by now become the main source of business information. Among them, 70% of individual users are decision-makers (owners and senior management). They represent small, medium and large enterprises in Serbia and the region, coming from companies-members of national business clubs, embassies, foreign and local investment funds, banks, insurance companies, brokerage houses, town and municipality administrations... All these business people are connected by our services.

To eKapija, all branches of the economy are important. Observed by activity, 23% of our users come from the industry, 21% from construction, 13% from services, 11% from tourism, 10% from the IT sector, 9% from transportation companies, 7% from public services and 6% from agriculture.

Our company has believed in organic growth from the moment it was founded. Annually, we attract around 10% new subscribers. More than 89% of our users put their trust in us each year. As many as 79% of the companies which visit eKapija daily have the highest credit ratings. Those companies realize more than EUR 35 billion a year and employ over 400,000 people.

The database of eKapija is even richer. Our catalog features 202,050 business and legal entities from Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro and other countries. It provides basic information about the companies, their financial data, credit ratings, linked business news, tendering procedures, events, photo galleries...

We inform the wide public through our portal at, and our subscribers get daily and weekly business bulletins, which are adapted to the specific demands of each user, containing information highlighted as the most important for the user's operations. In addition to the bulletins in Serbian, there are also daily and weekly bulletins in English and German, as well as the versions of our website in those languages. During this decade and a half, the business bulletin has become one of eKapija's main products.

Nearly 5 million news and reports are available in our book, which never ends. There are only new chapters being added. The average readership is over 55,000 documents a day, with 35,000 database searches every day.

By informing you about the current tendering procedures, we provide you with an opportunity to be quicker and more resourceful than the direct competition (unless they also follow eKapija, which is very likely, in which case we provide an equal starting position). We maintain the most comprehensive database of public procurement procedures in Serbia, Montenegro and Bosnia and Herzegovina, and, in cooperation with our European partners, we also present tenders from another 16 countries on the continent. In these 15 years, we have processed and sent to our users more than 9 million tenders and public procurement procedures, as well as nearly 400,000 instances of information about the companies which won at the tenders. We enable our subscribers to receive notifications about the favorites in public procurement procedures, to follow five selected procuring entities and competing bidders and to publish their own tendering procedure.

Let us also remind you about the My eKapija service, where the user can view the news and tenders from their own profile at any moment, so as not to miss any piece of information or business opportunity.

Our partners are national business clubs, such as the German-Serbian Chamber of Commerce (AHK Serbia) and the Slovenian Business Club (SPC). We also closely cooperate with Coface Srbija, a risk management company, providing our users with insight into the credit ratings. We are also participants and promo partners of all the important events at the Belgrade Fair and the Novi Sad Fair, at Belexpocentar, at the Sumadija Fair and the Adriatic Fair. We provide media support, follow and promote numerous business cultural and sports events in Serbia, BiH and Montenegro.

That's not all. There is no plan or program whose realization would mark the end of our ambitions. For 15 years now, we have been developing and changing, adapting, but not like chameleons, but as professionals and reliable business partners who want to keep up with the reality, but also change it. That is why we believe that we have the key for the next 15 years as well. We invite you, our dear users, to keep growing and moving forward together.

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