Source: B92 | Monday, 01.06.2020.| 13:38
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NBS to Run Register of Payment Transfers from Abroad from June 1

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The registration of the users of payment transfers from abroad starts on June 1, and the register will be run by the National Bank of Serbia. In order to prevent money laundering, the NBS will run this register and the register of safes.

Based on the Law on Prevention of Money Laundering and Financing of Terrorism, these authorities are given to the central bank, and the registration activities begin on June 1, 2020, it was announced earlier.

The registers will contain the data on the users of payment transfers, but not about the concrete money transactions and the amounts, and the data from the unified register will not be publicly available.

As said earlier, all providers of the service of payment transfers, banks and payment institutions, as well as the Post of Serbia, have the obligation to regularly submit data to the register.

– We note that the register will only contain the data on the users of the payment transfer service, which is a form of a payment service where money is transferred as cash and not through the payment account, which at the moment is a service which is largely provided for cross-border transactions through global money transfer services, such as the Western Union, MoneyGram or RIA – the NBS said.

The data in the register will pertain to the users, regardless of whether they are sending or receiving money, and not to citizens who receive money from abroad as salaries, pensions or welfare through bank accounts.

As the NBS announced earlier, the aim of establishing the unified registers of payment transfers and safes is to improve the efficiency of the system for preventing and detecting money laundering and financing of terrorism by enabling the relevant institutions within the system to quickly and reliably access the data.
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