Source: Beta | Thursday, 28.05.2020.| 14:52
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First Court Decision Confirming CarGo Operates Legally and not as Taxi Service

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The Magistrates Court of Belgrade has reached the first decision confirming that CarGo operates in line with Serbia's laws and that it is not a taxi service, the company's representatives announced today.

The director of CarGo technologies, Vuk Guberinic, said at the press conference that the court had confirmed that members of CarGo did not carry out illegal taxi activities, having determined three key differences between taxi services and CarGo.

– This court decision brings back our trust in the justice system and we hope that this is the beginning of the end of further prosecution of CarGo Technologies, the Association and its members – Guberinic said.

According to him, the Magistrates Court has said that taxi services are available to all citizens and that CarGo is a private service available exclusively to members of the CarGo Association.

– In addition to this difference, the court has also recognized the difference in the manner of payment, where, when it comes to taxi services, citizens pay directly to the driver, whereas CarGo charges not for the ride but for the use of software. Also, taxi services use taximeters to determine the price, whereas CarGo uses its application – Guberinic explained.

He also said that he hoped that the judges in other procedures, where the circumstances are the same, would also acquit the prosecuted parties.

The president of the CarGo Group of Citizens, Aleksandar Vucic, said that the verdict recognized a modern and innovative way of connecting people.

– This is a historical day for more than 800,000 members of the CarGo Association, for over 4,000 providers of the service, but also for all the citizens, as the verdict is just – Vucic pointed out.

He added that the verdict also determined that the road traffic inspector had gravely violated the Law on Inspection Orders and that he had failed to respond to the first court hearing order.

The acquittal pertains to the procedure which started on May 2019 at the report of the road traffic inspector of illegal taxi activities.
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