Source: eKapija | Sunday, 12.04.2020.| 12:05
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Ozonizers by SKV Garant Helping Fight the Pandemic – Ozon Care Sterilizing National Assembly of Serbia

National Assembly of Serbia
National Assembly of Serbia (Photo: Boris Mrdja/
With the support of the Innovation Fund, the company SKV Garant has developed transportable ozonizers for a quick and safe disinfection of facilities of critical importance.

On Saturday, April 11, the ozonizers, called Ozon Care, were installed in the National Assembly of Serbia for a two-day sterilization process on 25,000 m2. This way, they will help protect the staff from a potential infection through contact with contaminated surfaces.

SKV Garant uses ozone as one of the most powerful means of sterilization for a full elimination of microorganisms, bacteria and viruses, the Innovation Fund says on its website.

Considering that coronavirus spreads quickly and sticks to every surface touched by an infected person, it is especially important to sterilize the premises once it's determined that infected people have been there.

– In case of offices full of paper, handles, furniture and other similar items and surfaces, they can't be disinfected with liquid products, which is why sterilization by ozone becomes indispensable – the Fund says.

In cooperation with the Institute for General and Physical Chemistry in Belgrade, the company will produce over 20 ozonizers thanks to the Fund's monetary support, and in the upcoming period, it will ozonize public institutions and institutions of importance to the state.

The capacity of ozonization, at the moment, is 3,000 to 5,000 m2 a day, depending on the arrangement of the rooms.
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