Source: Tanjug | Friday, 10.04.2020.| 12:05
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Impact of Covid 19 Pandemic on Labor Market in Serbia – 12% Survey Subjects Left Without Jobs

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A survey by Infostud has shown that, of the total number of the subjects, 12% lost their jobs due to the epidemic, whereas, of those that are still employed, 70% work as usual, whereas 30% have been forced by their employers to go on an annual leave, sick leave, or paid or unpaid leave.

During the first week of April, Infostud carried out a survey on the impact of coronavirus on the labor market, both from the side of the economy and the side of the work-ready populace, with 4,329 subjects and 580 business entities.

The most affected sectors are tourism and hospitality, followed by commerce, not pertaining to the sale of vital supplies, and the passenger transport sector.
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