Source: eKapija | Friday, 10.04.2020.| 11:19
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Moratorium on Credits Used by 92.9% Companies – Total Sum in All Banks Around EUR 2 Billion

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The possibility of temporarily stopping the payment of obligations toward banks has caused great interest among Serbian citizens, and the same applies to the economy. A total of 94% of citizens with debts toward banks opted for the moratorium, whereas less than 6% explicitly asked to continue repaying their liabilities, the Association of Serbian Banks announced.

– Companies reacted similarly. A total of 92.9% companies opted for the moratorium, and 8.1% said that they want to keep repaying their obligations. The latter are larger companies, making up around 30% of the total credit debts of the economy – said Vladimir Vasic, the secretary general of the ASB.

The data pertain to the entire banking sector. When viewing the banks individually, the percentages vary, but not to a great extent. It's safe to conclude that a great majority of the users of banking services have decided to use the possibility of the moratorium.

– The statistics show that people wanted to be cautious and that they though it safer to opt for the moratorium right away, instead of waiting to see how the situation develops. This doesn't mean that they've had difficulty repaying their obligations toward banks, but that they want to avoid any risk. Considering the wage policies in state and public services, and with the measures of help to entrepreneurs, small and medium companies, we have reason to be optimistic and hope that the paying ability will not be seriously compromised – Vasic added.

The total sum to which the moratorium pertains is around EUR 2 billion, which is the support provided to the citizens and the economies by the banking sector in order to help them overcome the difficulties in everyday life and business caused by the Covid-19 pandemic.
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