Source: Večernje novosti | Thursday, 09.04.2020.| 15:20
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Strict Rules at Zijin in Bor – Layoffs for Workers with Coronavirus Symptoms Who Fail to Self-isolate

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The management of the Chinese company Zijin, the strategic partner of RTB Bor, has passed an order on letting go each worker from the Bor company who is determined to be infected with coronavirus and fails to self-isolate, Novosti reports.

According to Novosti's findings, the Chinese company's management has displayed in prominent spots inside the company with 5,000 employees the notification which says that each employee who comes into contact with an infected person or who doesn't wear a mask or leaves to buy breakfast, will be laid off.

The rules are as follows:

– All employees must wear facemasks while working. Anyone who violates this order will be subject to severe penalization, entailing potential termination of the employment contract.

– Employees are banned from leaving to buy breakfast during breaks and instructed to bring breakfast from home.

– Employees or members of their families who notice they have symptoms or who come into contact with a person confirmed to be infected or who has arrived from abroad, must self-isolate and notify the company of it. Otherwise, the employee, the shift leader and the head of the unit in question are to be fired.

– Employees who get infected through violation of the company's and the government's measures are to be fired.

Novosti has also published the notification displayed on all notice boards in RTB and signed by Managing Director Ximing Jian.

The Chinese company Zijin bought 63% of RTB Bor on December 18, 2018, for USD 350 million, and they hope for a profit of more than USD 100 million in the current year alone.
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