Source: Nezavisne novine | Monday, 06.04.2020.| 11:16
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Republika Srpska Economy Stimulus Package Worth EUR 420 Million, Loans Between EUR 250 and 300 Million

Zora Vidovic (Photo: YouTube/screenshot)
The Minister of Finance of Republika Srpska, Zora Vidovic, has emphasized that all the interventions the government plans to realize will amount to BAM 840 million (EUR 420 million).

Vidovic said that there were already certain sources of finance, such as international finance institutions, loans in the international market, issuing securities in the domestic market, donations etc.

– The construction is complete. I'm not saying that those funds are available right now, but we are in the position to secure this. We have found sources to make the budget liquid. We will have to take out 500 to 600 million convertible marks in loans (EUR 250-300 million) – Vidovic emphasized on ATV, as reported by Srna.

According to her, they talked to representatives of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) on Thursday and it was said that B&H should get a loan of EUR 330 million.

– We now have to agree how to split this between Republika Srpska and the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina, and once this is agreed, a contract will be signed, the funds will become operative and be used exclusively to address the crisis. We believe that the ratio should be 60:40 in favor of the Federation, whereas they believe it should be 70:30 – Vidovic said on ATV.
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