Source: | Friday, 03.04.2020.| 11:01
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Serbia Leads in Export of Sour Cherries in the World in 2019 in Quantities, Not in Value

Illustration (Photo: Pixabay / Couleur)
In 2019, Serbia exported 14,252 tons of sour cherries, which is the largest amount worldwide. The Hungary sold 10,322 tons, Poland 5,210 tons, followed by the U.S.A. with 3,176 tons.

However, in terms of export value, Serbia is only fourth, behind the U.S.A, Canada and Hungary, as the first two sell sour cherries at ten times the price, and Hungary's price is around 50% higher. The average exporting price for Serbia was around 70 dinars per kilogram (570 euros per ton).

In addition to Hungary, of the countries bordered by Serbia, Croatia and Bulgaria also export sour cherries, but in much smaller quantities and at much lower prices.

Serbia's exporting results in terms of quantities are down to the export to Russia, which has increased 6.2 times since 2012. At the time of the agricultural census, three fifth of the exporting value was down to Germany, but the value has dropped by two fifths since then. Sour cherries are also exported to B&H, Austria, Hungary, Italy and Romania and another five countries at less than EUR 100,000 per country.

According to the FAO, Serbia is the sixth largest producer of sour cherries in the world, after Russia, Ukraine, Poland, Turkey and the U.S.A. As for Russia, despite the fact that it is the largest producer of sour cherries in the world, the country has directly helped the production of sour cherries in Serbia by importing from our country.
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