Source: Dnevnik | Thursday, 17.02.2005.| 15:00
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Bigger chances for construction of spa in Bečej

Completion of Feasibility Study on construction of Spa "Bečej" is expected at the end of May 2005. Provincial Executive Council backs the idea of citizens of Bečej for construction of spa in their area and it is ready to take part in financing of the project with provision of 25% of the means.

On the locations between the city center and the bank of the Tisa river, four new borings were drilled. The building of bath has been built and it is home of the clinic, which citizens of Bečej call Iodic Spa.


Expert information that defines property-legal relations of the location on which the project will be realized has been designed. That is the area in the vicinity of present sanatorium of Iodic Spa and outdoor swimming pool complex, on one side, and JNA Street, on the other side, leaned against ten hectares of Goranski park. The location is several hundreds of meters away from the boring that was drilled and researched at the beginning of 1985 and is the last in the series in Bečej, manager of investment group of Public Company "Stankom" from Bečej, Stevan Čavić, explains. The first block is supposed to be home to lodging capacities, but it is still not defined if it will be annex of "Bela lađa" hotel, which is located on the other side of Goranski park, or new hospital built for the users of therapeutic block, which would be intended for treatment of rehabilitation of patients ill with cardiovascular diseases. There would be area built for entertainment of children, mini golf courts, outdoor swimming pools for children and parking lots.

The initiator of the entire job is Town Hall of Bečej, whereas important stockholder should be "NIS-Naftagas", which drilled boring in Goranski park in 1985 and built infrastructure of the users of hydro-thermal water: hotel "Bela lađa", Sports center "Mladost" and Iodic spa. Possible donors are welcome.


The boring with hydro-thermal water that would be used for the needs of the spa is 1,020 m deep and its capacity is 28.3 l/sec. Water temperature is 63 degrees. The boring in Bečej can save energy equal to use of 2,100 tons of crude oil on annual basis, which should be put in the Feasibility Study.

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