Source: Promo | Tuesday, 31.03.2020.| 14:41
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It's Time for Good Deeds!

(Photo: Tiffany Production)
In a time when almost everything has stopped due to coronavirus, the Cacak-based company Tiffany Production has found a way of helping those who need help the most through humanitarian work and corporate responsibility. All the production capacities of this company have been put in service of the production of facemasks.

– The aim is to show solidarity in these crisis situations. We are extremely proud of our large Tiffany family and our employees, who are making an extra effort in these difficult times, showing great will and desire to help others – the family company points out.

The first quantities of the masks, which are produced on a daily basis, have been donated to the health institutions of the City of Cacak – General Hospital, Center for Occupational Medicine, Health Center and the Dispensary for Children and then also to the Clinical Center of Belgrade, the Institute for Mother and Child Healthcare in Belgrade, the Health Protection Institute in Kragujevac, a hospital in Sabac, a nursing home in Belgrade and others.

Also, facemasks have been donated to the private companies and state institutions whose operations are necessary during the state of emergency. The needs of the General Hospital of Cacak have also been met in the form of a donation of new nightwear for coronavirus patients.

The new virus has stopped nearly everything, but what can't stop are new lives. In addition to protective masks, Tiffany Production continues to donate to maternity wards, in the form of bed sheets for babies, as is the company's usual practice. Tiffany Production has donated baby clothes and nightwear for new mothers on several occasions.
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